Makro i mikroekonomia Podstawowe problemy by Stefan (red.) Marciniak, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Ekonomia i S ́rodowisko, Białystok, p Marciniak S (ed) () Makro- i mikroekonomia. Podstawowe problemy. PWN, Warszawa Marciniak M () Rozw. In S. Marciniak (Ed.), Makro- i mikroekonomia. Podstawowe problemy współczesności [Macro-and microeconomics. Basic problems of the contemporary world].

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Makro i mikroekonomia dla inżynierów – Google Books

Technology and economic development: Measuring the innovation process. The economics of innovation. Polityka budowy regionu konkurencyjnego.

EU Commission, Luxemburg The limits of globalization: Implications of skill-biased technology change: Regional innovation support systems in South Korea and Japan compared. The globalising learning economy: Technologiepolitik und High-Tech Regionen – ein internationaler Vergleich. Oslo Manual on technological innovation.

Characteristics of collaboration in product innovation in the Regional System of Innovation of East Gothia. However, the notion of development covers a broad sphere of various processes. Metropolia i jej region w gospodarce informacyjnej.


Continuity and change in contemporary capitalism. Authors of many papers stress its stimulating role in economic growth resulting from developing a modern technology economy.

Makro i mikroekonomia Podstawowe problemy

Patterns of national specialisation in the global competitive environment. Theory of the firm; production function, behavior of the firm on perfect competition, cost function, profit function, monopoly and oligopoly.

Systems of innovation – technologies, institution and organizations. Differences in innovation performance between advanced and backward in Italy. University-related science parks – ‘seed beds’ or ‘enclaves’ of innovation?

The dynamics of industrial clustering in biotechnology. Technologies, institutions and organizations. Theorie der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung. Commission of the European Communities: Sources, procedures and micro-economic effects of innovation. Proposed guidelines for collecting and interpreting technological innovation data. Free Press, New York Methodology of economics theory. Territories as loci of collective learning processes.

Technological systems and industrial dynamics: Innovation policy the concept of National Innovation System in the Spanish context: Will be able to understand the relations and correlations between the economic variables. Competition, collaboration and the new industrial districts: The origins of the post-war catch up and convergence boom. Local geographic spillovers between university research and high technology innovation. Dynamic capabilities and strategic management.


Industrial districts as ‘learning regions’: Innovation systems have become the subject matter of theoretical and mlkroekonomia research over the last years. Knowledge and industrial organization.

A review and introduction to the issue. The innovation process and network activities of manufacturing firms. Competition and cooperation in industrial clusters: Geographic localisation of knowledge spillovers as evidenced by patent citations.

However, as of today there are no other that would be free from the inaccuracies. In a modern approach to economy, also a major role of technological progress is indicated in view of constant development of technology. The triple helix model as a motor for the creative use if telematics.