Lizardmen used to dominate by sheer magic power, as Slann were the same old thing that was in the Codex Armybook for like 10 editions. I’m going to rate units in color codes as to make a handy and quick reference in the The general Characteristics that follow Lizardmen armies. Lizardmen Army Book has 16 ratings and 0 reviews. Army supplement to the Warhammer Published August 3rd by Games Workshop. More Details.

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For only a few more points than Saurus Warriors you get better equipment, slightly better stats, and the only non-BSB option for lizard,en standards. It should be mentioned that if Tetto’eko is in your list this spell becomes even more of a game-changer enabling you, nearly, to dictate almost when the comet lands.

It should be noted 201 Lizardmen otherwise don’t have access to heavy armor or the special kinds of armor some other races possess, which means Lizardmen are not the most armored Warhammer army. Terradons are a good answer to warmachines yet not as good as Ripperdactyls.

A Stegadon brings a lot of powerful attacks.

lizardmen army book | eBay

To keep them alive you need to give them adequate flank support and strategic buff spells. Aspect of the Lizaardmen The real power of the Ark is the unorthodox shooting phase.

And if they are Loremasters of a lore then they get to Reroll Casting cosex of that lore! This item is pretty much standard issue for all armies, not just Lizardmen. Well, Banner of Discipline is one option, but that still means magic points left!

Zac Mclane rated it it was amazing Dec 26, Expansions and Supplements may or may not be valid over multiple editions, though generally they cycle similarly to the Army Books. They can fight in close combat, but not as well as a Pizardmen.


I certainly would advise against a second Slann not enough Lizardnen or Engine of the Gods relatively little to boost.

Hobby section – Information on collecting, building and painting an army from the army book.

Sword of Bloodshed – Oldblood only. It helps you hit more and be hit less, making this the good on offense and defense.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Lizardmen

You can pretty easily emulate most named characters from scratch and save yourself some points. This doesn’t stack with the Ward Save bestowed by an Engine of the Gods. If your Slann has any access to Life magic Life, High, WD you can get healing more reliably without paying the points for this discipline.

Cast the bubble down and watch the carnage. One of the nuke spells of 8th edition.

In fact during a Dwarf player’s Deployment Phase while they look to place their lame ass contraptions play this clip from Community where Senor Chang perfectly describes warmachine-heavy armies: In a normal game, stick with your normal wizards. Other books in the series.

Lizardmen Army Book

A solid choice unless your Slann is packing lots of ranged magic spells already. Life is still awesome but Slann can’t count on always having the Throne anymore. The 8e Lizardmen Handbook Huh, just thought of another one, though more subjective; Jungle poisons you’ve put green; based on your rating system, i’d have to say at least lizardmn, probably purple for that – all that poisoned shooting absolutely scares ilzardmen pants off monsters and warmachines!

Like the giant bow, Giant Blowpipes do well with Hand of Glory. After that it’s entirely up to you codeex to take. The buffs to his Temple Guard unit are nice, but Kroak is really about using Skink Priests to wander into the middle of the enemy lines and blast them over and over again all with relatively little fear from miscasts.


One of the better Magic Missiles. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Log in or Sign up. Let’s face it, because you like Dinosaurs and you like great looking models. Heavens is a big NO as you already have Skink Priests to cast that one for you. Purple is the highest rating in this handbook, and it’s reserved for choices that should be staples in virtually all competitive lists. Reservoir of Eldritch Energy: Note that these troops ARE better than Saurus, and you get what you pay for, you just need to actually pay for it, and 3 pts a man can be a budget breaker – hence most would like full benefit and bring the Slann as well see below.

Tutorial – The 8e Lizardmen Handbook (Updated November 2nd ) | Lustria Online

You can get a lot of spells cast each round. All Listings filter applied. This, however, is not true. However I feel that it lacks some of the Punch we could receive from other lores, and while Dwellers is a potent spell if you didn’t roll Throne you’re begging for a miscast.

To get the most mileage out of this you need a specific Slann build to use this, a Lord Kroak bomb or a Death Slann. Why pay the full cost for Tehahauin and NOT get the snake attacks.