kurkure is fun snack that can be eaten at all times and is very tasty that suits the Indian Marketing Strategies of Kurkure brand. New marketing plan for Kurkure Frito Lay India today unveiled a new campaign that makes family central to its marketing plan for its “Kurkure” snack range. The luck was in how Kurkure did stunningly well in the market. However, advertising was not the only strategy that the company relied on.

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Advertising strategy of Onida Getting into a lather by Purvita Chatterje The embracing of the unusual and the imperfect as a brand philosophy seems to be kukure opportunity. Pepsi snacks to go on a health diet Markets: Kurkure has done well so far. Positive returns for investors in Travel: Stressing on ingredients that echo wholesomeness would consolidate its stand.

Kurkure’s Innovative Marketing Strategies | Short Case Studies

What started off as an attempt to understand the infrequent Kurkure consumer, or those who are not aficionados, has become a tool that the company intends to use over the long term. Kurkure is loved by almost all age groups and is promoted as a tea snack.

Once again a less than coy Kurkure Ambassador defies her extra choosy dad by voicing her endosrement of a cute but crude prospective ‘tedha’ groom. He lauded the company which in had kurkkure racks outside the shops to display the brand.

But the quality of the offering by the local vendors is questionable. It has used the traditional distribution network strategy and is very successful in keeping up with it. The brand also kept pace with the flavour of the season – teleserials.

The ‘Kya Family Hai’ campaign tried to capture the dysfunctional family that came together at tea-time. The product markehing brand both symbolize light hearted fun and hence it is loved by the youth and young Indians as well as families across the country. FritoLay, the snack food division of PepsiCo, has been active in addressing the need for healthier snacking habits not just through its kukure snack brand. In order to engage more customers, the company organized a contest of sending photos of people spending time with their families, which were printed on the Kurkure packets.


When they’re passionate about something. A festive recipe for Roast Amrketing. Despite growing competition, the Indian market still offers tremendous opportunity that Kurkure can exploit. The companies are not associated with MBASkool in any way. Kurkure could explore resealable bags and sell Kurkure or some version of it in larger quantities.

PUMA launches new marketing strategy with nation Catchy Hindi slogans for Gym Business. That’s what some of the progressive Indian brands are attempting to do and Kurkure alongside Idea and perhaps Tata Tea are a few of the frontrunners.

Kurkure Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy | MBA

It also upped its distribution by going to cyber cafes and telephone booths. Aroundthe brand had begun widening its consumption base in a manner similar to that of Cadbury’s ad campaign through which it tried to put itself in place of traditional sweets.

For instance, the flavor strtegy introduced in Punjab will have the local flavors than the one introduced in Gujrat or Karnataka. The ingredients are fed into a machine that makes puffed extrusions or collette, which are then cut to desired length. The latest endorsement of Kurkure is the leading actress, Juhi Chawla. Launched inthe brand has developed to be among favourites for many Indians. Lays appealed to the youth, was Western in its taste cues and an impulsive out-of-home straregy says Warrier.

Kurkure is one of the premier brands in the light snack industry in India. Creative Blog on Indian brands, Marketing and Advertising. After the success of its original product, the brand came up with many variants catering to more Indian flavours as a part of lurkure marketing mix product strategy. In addition to this, shrategy offers are made to the consumers All these make Kurkure give the competitors a run for their money.

Kurkure’s Innovative Marketing Strategies*

Available in several flavors, this brand is one of the top-notch leaders in making corn puff snack. Kurkure is a popular Indian snack which is widely popular due to its Indian flavour. So if one can hook a brand on to a cause, a conviction, an opinion that people really care about, there is a better chance of creating the highest order of connect through cultural branding.


It has always roped in Bollywood celebrities to promote the brand on print and digital. The Selling of Global C Lehar, the Indian partner’s brand name, was added to Kurkure for access to local taste and cues.

The first brand ambassador of this brand was roped Juhi Chawla in the year marketig While Kurkure offers products at different prices, the company has not focused much on product packaging.

Endorsements by Bollywood Stars have been successful for a lot of brands and in this case too, it has helped increase the revenue of Kurkure. The pricing strategy adopted can also be termed as reasonable pricing because its products are available in packs of Rs. To maintain its dominance, Kurkure must focus on innovations in the marketing mix and address the needs, tastes and behaviour of Indian consumers.

Brand Speak on Electrolux Kelvinator by Anand The marketing and advertising have been very integral part of making this brand what it is today and hence it plays a vital role for the company even today. Marketing Strategies of Kalyan Jewellers. The market of Kurkure has increased to a great extent. The need was to carve out a space as a competitor to namkeen and capture the market faster than potato chips. The brand created excitement with its own versions ,arketing Desi Beats in Journey and Marketing Strategies of Berger Paint.

Catchy Hindi slogans for Hair Salon business. The case study looks at how PepsiCo managed to grab and retain the market space. Riding high in the Himalayas View: