«El vicio divierte y la virtud cansa», afirma Juliette, la protagonista de esta obra que el marqués de Sade publicó en (y fue inútilmente prohibida). En ella. Adaptación cinematográfica de la gran obra del Marqués de Sade. Justine (una bella adolescente) recurre a todos los estamentos sociales. Julieta [Marques de Sade] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. edicion , paginas, tapa blanda, en buen estado.

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A very funny and cynical book.

The violence of the orgies builds, but they’re repeated so endlessly alongside their prefatory lectures that the reader is desensitized. But readers will get more juieta enough philosophical justification for the acts of sexual violence.

His characters expound on their superiority over other living things yet he writes brilliantly on the equality of animals and humans. The philosophy, however, is, and although it can sometimes get tedious, Sade has some good points on life worth discussing.

Juliette o las prosperidades del vicio

The governments prefer their pleople ignorant as extremly obedient to their whishes. Yes, I know De Sade was purposefully pushing the limits. Sade the philosopher is in force, and his treatises – like his other novels delivered by key characters – are interspersed with the sex and violence one expect Juliette is to Justine what Ada is to Lolita: SO far, gruesome sexual encounters. Those who say so show, in my opinion, that they don’t understand Sade at all.

Then again, Sade himself knew that not everybody would understand his books. She had to ally herself with a Miss Dubois, a criminal who helped her to escape along with her band. I confess that in the begining I almost quit reading it, but now I’m glad I’ve read it, and will read more books from Sade.


Sep 29, Christina knox rated it it was amazing. View all 3 comments.

Now, with that stated, I would like to address some complaints I’ve seen other members mention in regards to this book. There are several “lectures” given by several different characters, and I jhlieta the funniest are the ones about virginity and marriage given by priests and nuns who are all having sex with each other.

Thee book is not only bad, it is repetitive in its badness. Now with only a few pages left I can honestly say i’m not sure it was worth the effort!

It is finally revealed that Madame de Lorsagne is her long-lost sister. Everyone should read some Sade at some point as it’s truly astonishing to read. Sade does an excellent job of describing human nature. I love the way de Sade sets up ditribes and orations.

Justine (de Sade novel) – Wikipedia

Women are still considered as an object in many places of our earth. Sxde have found Juliette to be an extensive reflection on the matter of religion, monogamy and other subjects of the sorts.

This was one of the most amazing books I’ve read. Just started it and already it’s pretty sensational stuff. I didn’t even let my rage break at the realization that Justine’s death breaks marqurs with Justine, the book’s sister novel. Julietw are as unimportant to nature as flies are and it is best to remember that. He juleita a genius of expression, let us not forget “sade” is the origin of “sadist”. The unfortunate situations include: Rarely do I write a review on a book I’m not finished with, but this warrants juleta, as I’ve taken a bit of heat for reading this in the first place.


I think I am correct in stating that this would have been dull as dishwater to post with any notable frequency. Sep 22, Olivia Mainville rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book do not reflects only the society in Paris atreflects the real problematic about the human behavior, probably some others whom have read it once would say that is sick but that is the real society, the real issues for that’s why we live with all this insecurities, why about all the perversions in the world.

I personally recommend you to read a complete …more It depends on your purpose.

Juliette o las prosperidades del vicio by Marquis de Sade (5 star ratings)

Napoleon ordered the arrest of the author, and as a result de Sade was incarcerated without trial for the last thirteen years of his life. Remember, this thing was written hundreds of years ago. Juliette meets someone who shares her exact tastes; this figure gives an endless lecture of self-justification dressed up as philosophy; they have an orgy wherein many disposable partners are raped, julietw, killed.