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Singer Kebede Presented By Singers Dagi&Dawa

Personally i have never seen but, you are always kebdee my hear. You Christians out there I would like to give you a piece of consul to you that we all of us don’t have any right to speak against and judge up on the precious men and women of God.

The case related with Dr. I believe from the bottom of my heart that in God’s appointed time this precious man of God will come to his nation and minster to his people in unprecedented spiritual occurrence’s that would manifest through his life.

His works have been intervifw Christians and still attracting non believers to the kingdom of a God. He should have at least kept it in side in stead of going as far as to dismiss those young singers.

Home Artists Dereje Kebede. Still God blesses us through Dereje’s albums.


God bless you allto err is human to forgive is divine! Thank you for posting Derejes mezmur God bless you more and more. Ahab rebelled against God and he sent Elijah to correct the issreallities. Dereje, let God bless you richly! Dereje wirh teach us.

I would like to have old anointed and blessing songs on my phone. Dereje Kebede, our beloved brother and spiritual father to us is the same. I wish I would see him face to face as he ministering to the Lord in Ethiopia. God Bless you Dr.

Rare Video – Legendary Ethiopian Gospel Singer Dereje Kebede – EthioTube

But I wonder why he sought to ignore the fellowship of his fellow ethiopians. Login or Register to create a personal playlist. God bless you Dereje again and again. I am wigh of many Christians in Ethiopia privileged to enjoy the blessings of God through this precious man of God song. Efrem Alemu Efrem Alemu. There are many things we don’t know and unclear to us.

In such case we must leave every unclear things and the issues we don’t understand to the all-known Singdr Almighty. We don’t know why God hid him just like he did with Elijah the prophet; only God knows.


Dereje Kebede mezmur You are here: Share the website on Facebook.

Singer Dr.Dereje Kebede Presented By Singers Dagi&Dawa

Dereje Mulatu Dereje Mulatu. Elias Abebe Elias Abebe.

May the Lord bless this precious man of God!!! Save your favourite mezmur in one list, and download Dereje Kebede Album 1 mezmur and other Gospel Songs. Whatever their motives is that should not have been the right response by Dr.

Click here for More mezmur similar to Dereje Kebede’s albums. How can I download them? For sure Dereje is irreplaceable as much as some other blessed singers like Gizachew, Addisu, Agegnew and Tesfaye. I couldn’t listen the song the player it doesn’t seem working.