Check out Indifférence (Valse Musette) by Delphine Lemoine on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on 2 showing no care or concern in attitude or action; “indifferent to the sufferings of others”; “indifferent to her “Indifference ” a song in the Valse Musette style. Скачать mp3: “Indifference” Valse Musette, Accordion Solo on the Roland FR 1 . Reine de Walc Musette/French cafe music – Accordion/Akordeon. Все MP3.

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Also, my fingers were better placed for playing French accordion. When people from the Auvergne area of France began to settle in Paris in numbers they vwlse their musette bagpipes with them. I think I may have the answer. Claude often did even in recordings whilst Jacky was more of a perfectionist.

Indifference – Valse Musette – Spartito

I went off the pur musette which I actually didn’t indiifference all that easy to play. In any case the accordion began to become involved in the “bal musette” scene, which at first comprised diatonic accordions with very strong three voice musette tuning, probably as sharp as present day Scottish and Irish tuning. It was by studying those videos that I realised Mr Ferrero’s method was ideal if you were going to play classical music, but if you were going to play musette you had to learn to keep the thumb and pinky off the treble buttons, and only use them if there was no other option.

By the end of World War 2 some accordionists had grown tired of the traditional coarse musette accordions and began to specify a drier tuning for their instruments. He also damned those who used their right thumbs on the treble side saying that musettf would not achieve such a good technique. After World War 1 the chromatic accordion gradually began to oust the diatonic box from the bal musette, with its greater versatility.


Accordion players love this song so much, and there are many versions. He always played in the Italian style with frequent use mussette his right thumb, and this set him apart from the main body of accordionists in France at the time.

Then, indiffrence electronic amplification became available, some of them discarded the musette tuning altogether and played and recorded with single reeds only. Jo Morage played a more “music teacher” style and you’ll see his pinky working overtime in this composition by Gus Viseur. The beauty of French musette is you can play the tune almost any way you like. The best pur musette player was Emile Prud’homme, a native of Gennevilliers, on the outskirts of Paris.

I noticed that almost without exception they played those first two bars going into two octaves with just three fingers. Their style is ever so slightly different like their different musette tuning, which is more of that standard “North European” variety.

Can be accordion solo or with band.

However, these days following a hand injury indjfference slight loss of flexibility, I’m finding that my thumb is coming more and more back into use. Accordionists like its fun melody though. They tended to remain in family groups in Paris, and a feature of their leisure activities was to attend dances in what were named “bals musette”. I’m going to start looking around for more CDs to add to my collection!


Define indifferent | Dictionary and Thesaurus

Dance of Maple Leaf. Maurice Larcange, one of France’s most famous and also from Valenciennes with his Belgian basses taught a whole battalion of young French players to play exactly like indifferwnce.

This list is based on my personal preferences, and obviously concentrates mainly on the big names. Edouard Duleu, another northerner from Roubaix, with B system and Belgian basses had a fabulous tone, and was one of my earlier influences.

I switched to the Ferrero method and immediately discovered that I had better accuracy. When I first started out it was all pure musette stuff I listened to.

Curiously, inrifference urged to modernise by colleagues he never really switched to CBA preferring the Mixte system. Mon Amant de Saint Jean is a French song from which was a huge success.

Performed by Wang Yi and her friend. He published a CD of his original accordion music and this is the most well known one from his selection. Now, there is some debate in France as to whether the accordion was actually invented in the Auvergne or in Italy.

The right can be three rows tuned a fourth apart Eg GCF or two like that with the third a semitone away.