Rasāyana, रसायन is a Sanskrit word, with the literal meaning: Path (āyana) of essence (rasa). It is a term that in early ayurvedic medicine means the science of lengthening lifespan, and in later (post 8th-century) works sometimes refers to Indian alchemy. The name of the science of Indian alchemy or proto-chemistry, is more. In Indian Alchemy Dr. Mahadihassan attempts to elucidate the point that Alchemy is a science through which the higher states of being reveal themselves with. INDIAN ALCHEMY OR RASAYANA- IN THE LIGHT OF ASCETICISM AND GERIATRICS Subsequent Edition by Mahdihassan S from Only Genuine.

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Indian Alchemy or Rasayana : In the Light of Asceticism and Geriatrics

We have seen how a gold-making herb was used alcheym rehearsing an experi- ment in gold synthesis. In Indian Monism, Brahman incarnates itself into Atman; they are like mirror images, they are not identical, just as two poles of a magnet are not, yet one cannot exist without the other.

Their proper significance makes them Gold- made-immortal, a man who has acquired immortality by using alchemical gold as drug. To take a potion of herbal juice was rasayqna add to the stock of soul to a system running short of it. By its use no tissue, gland or organ, can remain indolent and all were forced to function normally. Here the original sense of Rasa as juice has undergone transformation for juice of a herb makes it grow and every other Rasa is a substi- tute of plant juice as soul, the ideal growth principle Since the word Rasa, as incorporated in the term Rasayana, has different meanings but all capable of being interpreted as promoting growth or increase thev are briefly listed below: Readily available, and useful as an undergraduate introduction to the field.

At any rate we have first to respect the primary sense of lya, as fresh plant juice, and only then Kim-Iya can signify gold-making juice in preference to any other conno- rassayana attributable to it.


Relative centralization of authority… decentralization individual inquiry. Harmann found oil-soluble anti-oxidants to be effective; he also tried Scanned by CamScanner dr. On scrapping away the corroded surface they became hot to touch. Here the aims would be identical with those of the ascetic who founded Rasayana in India and alchemy in China.

Scanned by CamScanner dr.

Vegetable products could even serve as charms or amulets. When the units multiply parts remain mutually related and their integration Scanned by CamScanner dr. What leads to events does not seem to interest him. I have therefore not spared any energy collecting authentic views, contacting contem- porary alchemists, who were only a few, as surviving authorities, and critically deducing conclusions, finally all presented in this monograph.

The item of primary impor- ance is a reducible substance. Parvati is helping her husband in the operation of filtration. And we also find specialists in geriatrics wisely recommending both iron and ascorbic acid.

Soma has been discussed without ever touching thi active principle it actually contains. With such details, collected by different workers, over a long period of scholarship, all pointing the Soma plant to be Ephedra, it comes as a surprise when Wasson 25 asserts that, Soma is the hallucinating mushroom, Amanita muscaria.

However if we grant that India imported alchemy from China i s development in India as relatively fast can e easi appreciated.

Bhushan explains Shiva was originally a cultivator-cum-protec- tor offering food and clothing.

This page was last edited on 18 Novemberat If a Red Indian found Coca to be the Divine Plant, Charaka found Amala to have been prescribed by Brahma, the Creator, making its user god-like, by which is meant young and immortal.

The two prayers in Atharva-Veda then correspond to the two divisions of medicine, Ayurveda proper and Rasayana.

Indian Alchemy or Rasayana : S. Mahdihassan :

The authority of this system lies in the hands of the gurus and their apprentice alchemist so I would give it a 4. Health is restored by driving away a foreign spirit but youth is restored by repeating birth which means repeating creation.


When a flock increases it is due to reproduction whereas when a creeper spreads out, like a carpet. Legends cannot be valued unless we know the existence or absence first of a cult that seriously took to synthesizing gold, using mercury. Asoka had sent an Scanned by CamScanner.

Literally taken the term Golden-Man degenerates into a Figure-of-gold on which the legend is based. Gold is granulated and rubbed in a granite mortar and pestle with herbal extracts, pre- ferably of Amala and myrobalans, which Charaka re- commends.

All this is in full harmony with the present attitude of accepting alchemy as an offshoot of herbalism. Ohar 30 have stated the same almost using his very words. It is otherwise naturally preserved in 1 e mummy. Its synonym would be Growth-soul.

Title: Indian Alchemy

The base metals prone to rust and decay were poor growers and as such could not repair injuries inflicted by the weather. No other people interned cinnabar with the dead nor took it orally as a drug. This term translated into Chinese means Kim-Iya, literally Gold-juice, but best inter- inndian as gdd-making juice. For it to change and enliven a metal into Ferment-gold is a trivial achieve- ment. Some tactless people alchhemy made direct claim to be gods which was looked upon as apostasy.

Now all ascetics were old people.

Indian Alchemy Or Rasayana By S. Mahdihassan

By tonic is meant a medicament strengthening the system as a whole, whereas Elixir would be vivifying the system as a whole, changing a mortal into an immortal. And their methods of preparation are typical of alchemy. Among them were reprints of valuable articles, corres- pondence and publications of three authorities to whom I am indebted for much information as also for encour- agement. When sufficiently heated, fat begins to come out of the body of the unfortunate creature and falls into the cauldron.