With over tested wall and ceiling systems for commercial and residential projects With an experienced architectural and engineering team. THE RED BOOK – EC08™ Green Building Systems Addendum | page 1. THE RED BOOK™ . The Gyprock™ and Cemintel™ Fibre Cement Fire and. Acoustic . The Red Book™. Z1. Penetrations (c) 1 x 16mm GYPROCK FYRCHEK plasterboard. (d) 1 x 13mm + 1 x (e) 2 x 13mm GYPROCK FYRCHEK plasterboard.

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For more information or to register interest please contact your local representative. An addendum was released in November with new detail for cladding substitutions as well as corrected information. The guide also features expanded data and a number of new content additions to gyproc, the number of solutions growing each year.

Search speed has also been improved with the built-in System Selector, which is saved against a personal profile that users are prompted to set up and download. You can also access the Red Book wherever, whenever and however you work thanks to the Red Book Companion.

The Red Book from CSR Gyprock

Recognising that that information accessibility is a major requirement for design professionals, the Grypock Red Book will be delivered to the market in a variety of ways, including printed copy, PDF version or downloadable single section. You can download the full contents of the book or just the rrd you require.


This latest version offers: Get the latest news, trends and offers delivered straight to your inbox. Services Systems November Addendeum.

CSR Gyprock has released an all-new expanded edition of industry design guide, the Red Book, to help architects, designers, engineers and specifiers with the selection of fire, acoustic and thermal gypeock, ceiling, column, and beam systems.

Send me Red Book updates.

The Gyprock Red Book

Considered a construction gook bible, the Gyprock Red Book puts all the performance detail and technical guidance you need to specify residential and commercial wall, ceiling, column and beam systems at your fingertips.

Next Article Crafting creature comforts. This revolutionary cloud-based digital application gives you access to the Red Book on any phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer Download a PDF copy Download the app To get bok app directly on your mobile phone, simply SMS Red Book to and follow the links.

To get the app directly on your mobile obok, simply SMS Red Book to and follow the links. Ceiling Systems Section I: This revolutionary cloud-based digital application gives you access to the Red Book on any phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer.

Gyprock launches an all-new, expanded edition of the Red Book – Building Connection

Masonry Wall Systems Section G: The Technical Details section in particular has been made much larger to represent a change in enquiries from compound and board installation to the integration of systems, focusing on the comprehensive penetration, portal frames, bulkhead and discontinuous blade wall details, as well as the use of the Gyprock Silencer. Now, it has been revamped to offer pages of best-in-class performance detail and technical guidance for builders, architects, designers, engineers and specifiers selecting fire, acoustic and thermal wall, ceiling, column and beam systems.


External Wall Systems Section H: Gyprock will be introducing events to launch the Red Book. Current market trends have been a key focus of the new guide and all solutions in the manual are backed by independent test results or professional opinions. It covers a wide range of complementary products to assist in internal and external wall and ceiling solutions, across commercial and residential building projects. This makes the Gyprock Red Book the go-to resource for a complete solution — not just wall and ceiling systems — but also junctions.

To download the addendum only, click here. Featuring the full content of the Red Book redesigned for screen usability, it allows users to personalise the guide by bookmarking favourite systems, adding notes and sketches, and sending full system details direct to e-mail.

In addition, the edition comes with the Red Book Companion application, a digital tool that is available on all phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.