Readers around the world are embracing the message of Talent is Overrated. Business leaders, teachers, attorneys, entrepreneurs, students, coaches of many . The book Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin is a book I recommend to everyone who wants to get better at something – whether that’s a lot. Excellent.”—The Wall Street Journal Since its publication ten years ago, businesspeople, investors, doctors, parents, students, athletes.

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And the Author begins Talent Is Overrated by introducing the question of where great performance or expertise comes from. You might want to prepare yourself for the ugly side of this kind of pursuit of greatness narcissism, ego centrism amd narrowness can play a role in your development of world class ranking Want to Read saving….

View all 9 comments. Feb 04, Robyn Blaber rated it liked it Shelves: Most organizations are terrible at applying the principles of great performance; by becoming better, they can achieve significant competitive advantage.

I have a two hour commute each day and usually listen to free podcasts about books or running, but I recently discovered that I can download audio books for free from the library via My Media Mall.

Trivia About Talent is Overrat This type of practice can be mentally taxing, and very time-consuming–it normally takes years before a truly excellent performance is honed. When looking at the greats in a field, particularly artistic and athletic fields, people tend to focus on the prodigies.

One of the most popular Fortune articles in many years was ovrrrated cover story called: However, the liberating principle by which virtually anyone can achieve excellent performance is a breath of fresh air, in a time when still too many people, while watching their favorite NBA or football player on TV, geofv around and say to their kids “Wow, that guy is a genius! Misconceptions about innovation and creativity Pages 6.

Sep 21, Amanda rated it it was amazing. Dec 01, Richard Perez rated it really liked it. Colvin points out that many people spend years Although you might think you don’t need to read the book now, the way these performers practice and the environments they come out of make a huge difference. This book was a colfin mixture of anecdotes, common sense and scientific studies. Well worth the read. Lots of hard work and specially designed practice were the keys to their top-notch performance.


Talent Is Overrated

Quotes from Talent is Overrat Hank Haney, Butch Harman, or David Leadbetter I probably could not reduce my handicap to zero but I could lower it under those conditions. Suffice it to say now that David Drummond, the reader of Talent is Overrated, is a decent reader. Without another word of instruction, the group immediately sings happy birthday to Mary. Colvin’s book gave me more food for thought on role these essential dimensions of the human psyche play in fostering greatness.

Get to work or give up and watch TV. How to make organizations innovative Pages 8. It is available to us all. The author would likely have a problem with some gospel principles like spiritual gifts and patriarchal blessings. Much of this work is solitary, and physically and mentally taxing. On Monday I posted about a concept called Domain Maps. If you read something that strikes you as being profound, inherently true and useful then start working on that book at a deep level. Geoff Colvin takes on the age-old assumption that people who are the ‘great leaders’ of their field arrive on earth with an inborn talent.

Instead, personally designed practice regimens which he spends the middle part of the book explainingin which we are periodically evaluated by a mentor, teacher, or other source of insightful feedback, allow us to work on a skill set just beyond our current comfort zones.

Excellence, he writes, is much more equal-opportunity than we thought, but most of us are not equal to its challenge. When you look into the details of such cases, you almost always find a passionate parent, a good understanding of the field of expertise, and hours and hours of practice.

Perfect example, even though not quoted by this book, is Jiro from “Jiro’s dream of sushi”, a documentary about the pursuit of excellence. Like several popularizations of social psychology theories I’ve read I read this as a primer to the study of expertise, which is something I’d like to learn more about academically. Colvin identifies four factors that contribute to great performance: I can take ideas from Talent Is Overrated and apply it to almost every aspect of my life.


Check back in ten years for a status update. I was glad Colvin included a section on ‘flow’ at the end, because one of the main tenets of his early chapters is that deliberate practice is “not fun.

Talent Is Overrated – Geoff Colvin

The author refutes the notion of talent and the idea that we are born with abilities and predispositions that allow overrted to excel in some areas math, music, sports, etc relative to others. The daughters learned other subjects as well — the Hungarian authorities insisted that they all pass regular exams in volvin subjects and all three daughters spoke several languages.

Intelligence is important, but not in the way we typically think. Colvin also talks about the myelinisation of the neurones which is another huge area of interest for me when it comes to strengths, skills and talent.

In fact, talent does not exist unless and until it is developed Apr 16, Tessa rated it liked it Shelves: Colvin duly acknowledges that deliberate practice “is a large concept, and to say that it explains everything would be simplistic and reductive. Then deliberate practice, deliberate practice, deliberate practice. Pete Maravich whose college basketball record still stands after more than 30 years gsoff go to the gym when it opened in the morning and shoot basketballs until it closed at night.

Dec 10, Amanda Paulin rated it it was amazing. Malcolm Gladwell explained that in his book outliers; simply spend 10, hours at a thing. After meandering for several chapters through what does NOT lead to high performance, Colvin finally gets around to arguing that the secret is “deliberate practice.