The Book Stylistics by Galperin. Uploaded by Alexei Galaktionov. Copyright: Attribution Non-Commercial (BY-NC). Download as DOC, PDF, TXT or read online. English Stylistics has 38 ratings and 2 reviews. The textbook discusses the general problem of style, gives a stylistic classification of English vocabul. About I.R. Galperin: Ilya Romanovich Galperin ( – ) was a notable linguist, professor of the Moscow State Linguistic University.. I.R. Galperin.

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This understanding of style stylisgics upheld in some of the scientific papers on literary criticism. Stylistics in that c ase is regarded as a language science which deals with the results of the act of communication To a very considerable degree this is true. Dunsany, an Irish dramatist and writer of short stories:. The phenomena then being collected and classified are hallowed into the ranks of the units of language-as-a-system. The term ‘belles-lettres’ itself suggests the use of the written language.

Galperin I. A. Stylistics

Undoubtedly all these diversities in the understanding of the word ‘style’ stem from its ambiguity. The simplicity of the issue is to some extent deceptive. In other words, style is regarded as something that belongs exclusively to the plane of expression and not to the plane ‘of content. In galerin to get a workable definition of the norm for the purposes set in this book and, particularly, in connection with the issue of individual style, it atylistics be necessary to go a little bit deeper into the concept.

It is now time to outline the general principles on which functional styles rest. It has now been more or less definitely outlined. So far the system of stylistic devices has not been fully recognized as legitimate members of the general system of language. They are designed to awaken co- experience in the mind of the reader. There is a constant process of gradual change taking place in the forms of language and their meaning at any given period in the development of the language.


Some of them become very useful by revealing the springs which make our utterances emphatic, effective and goal-directed.

English Stylistics

Naturally, the individual style of a writer will never be entirely independent of the literary norms and canons of the given period. This is particularly true of the ways Hemingway, Faulkner and other modern writers have made use of language means, reflecting, as it falperin, the general tendency of trends in modern English stylistjcs American literature.

Other schemes may possibly be elaborated and highlighted by different approaches to the problem of functional styles. But this feeling is deeply rooted in the unconscious knowledge of the laws according to which a language functions, and even in its history, which explains much concerning galperkn direction it has progressed. Maugham Here are some more examples of present-day colloquial phrases which are gaining ground in standard English but which are strongly felt to be colloquial: The peculiar choice of language means is primarily predetermined by the aim of the communication with the result that a more or less closed system is built up.

Makayev Here are some other definitions. The English literary language has had a long and peculiar history. Dunsany, an Irish dramatist and writer of short stories: Thus in “The night has swallowed him up” the word ‘swallow’ has two meanings: Interaction of Different Types of Lexical Meaning…………………….

It is really remarkable how a talented writer can make us feel the way he wants us to feel. One of the most popular works of the time was Thomas Wilson’s “Arte of Rhetorique” published in Secondly, a conference on Style in Language was held at Indiana University in the spring offollowed by the styliztics of the proceedings of this conference under the editorship of Thomas Sebeok.

Intensification of a Certain Feature of a Thing or Phenomenon A somewhat broader view of style is expressed by Werner Winter who maintains that “A style may be said to be characterized by a pattern of recurrent selections from the inventory of optional features of a language. It must be acknowledged that to draw a line of demarcation between facts that.


But the Committee did not last long and had little influence in deciding upon stylisstics norms of usage. Language and style as embellishment are regarded as separate bodies.

I.R. Galperin (Author of English Stylistics)

Almost the same point of view is held both by A. Thus “footsteps on the sand of war” E. The birth of SDs is a natural process in the development of language media. If analysed outside the problem of style the style of the work, the writer, the literary trend or the literary erathe language falls into a xtylistics of words, collocations and grammatical facts, which taken in isolation stylostics serve as but unreliable evidence as to the life of the given language in the given period of its development.

Though the last requirement is not among the indispensable, it is still found in many practical manuals of style, most of which can be stylistcs together under the title “Composition and Style”.

Therefore the written utterance will inevitably be more diffuse, more explanatory. Saintsbury considers that the real secret of style reveals itself in the breach or neglect of the rules gal;erin govern the structure of clauses, sentences, and paragraphs see p. Syntactical and morphological changes are not so apparent as lexical and phonetic ones and therefore are less exposed to the criticism of the purists.