Fluke Calibration A Metrology Well Calibrator, V C – C, Insert A INSA. Order #: A. Ships in weeks. $10, USD. Fluke Calibration A Field Dry-Well Metrology Temperature Calibrator with Model INSA (“A” Insert) and INSX, °C to °C – at the Test. Fluke Field Metrology Well measures from °C to °C.

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ETI Dry-well Heat Insulators, Sockets and Kits. Metrology Wells Versus Dry-Wells: What every instrument technician should know 1. Tool Accessories and Parts.

Even without a PC, Metrology Wells have four different preprogrammed calibration tasks that allow up to eight temperature set points with “ramp and soak” times between each. Shop Motorized Impeller Accessories. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product.

Shop Audio, Video Connectors. Shop Lamps Light Bulbs. Does Immersion Depth Really Flkue Radial uniformity is the difference in temperature between one well and another well.

And Metrology Wells are small enough and light enough to go anywhere. Shop Cell Phone Accessories. With mm 8 in of immersion, the Fluke significantly reduces stem conduction errors at high temperatures.

Druck LiquidTC Liquid Introduction to Dry Block Calibrators. Hysteresis Thermal hysteresis exists far more in internal control sensors than in good-quality reference PRTs. Eliminating Sensor Errors in Loop Calibrations 2.


Shop Emitters and Detectors. For poorly designed heat sources, or when large-diameter probes are used, these differences can be very large. All four models come with an RS serial interface and the ModelInterface-it software.

There is an automated “switch test” protocol that zeros in on the “dead-band” for thermal switches. The Model Fluke is mm 6. We added a seventh in the form of a legitimate reference thermometer input and created an entirely new product category: It only gets better with Metrology Wells.

The user interface can be configured to display in English, French, or Chinese. Shop Circuit Breaker Accessories. Shop 3D Printer Accessories. Overview Fluke Calibration Field Metrology Well Accurate enough for lab use, and rugged and portable enough to take anywhere Metrology Wells. Axial Uniformity 60 mm: A Technician’s Guide 1. Shop Inductive Signal Couplers.

Fluke , Fluke , Fluke , & Fluke Metrology Well Calibrators

Other great features A large LCD display, numeric keypad, and on-screen menus make use of Metrology Wells simple and intuitive. It happened when we introduced Micro-Baths. RS Interface with Interface-it control software included. Valid email is required. Do Vertical Gradients Really Matter? It only gets better with Metrology Wells. Loading Loading is defined as the change in temperature sensed vluke a reference thermometer inserted into the bottom of a well after the rest of the wells are filled with fljke, too.


Immersion depth Immersion depth matters. Shop Disconnect Switches Isolators.

View Cart My Account Holes for Model Selecting an Industrial Temperature Calibrator 1. Data Sheet KB. Just like the Flukethis dry-well has exceptional axial and radial uniformity. Fluke Calibration Silver CarePlans are available for most calibration products.

Fluke Calibration 9170-A-156

Temperaturmessung und -kalibrierung German For Metrology Wells, hysteresis effects range from 0. Dry-block product comparison table An interface cable kit that includes a null modem to connect the Fluke with Fluke Calibration dry-wells and Micro-Baths to automate and document the calibration of temperature sensors and transmitters in the field flukee at the bench. Stability Heat sources from Fluke Calibration have long been known as the most stable heat sources in the world.

Shop Power Factor Controller. Shop Insulators, Sockets and Kits.