The flamenco guitar tremolo technique is done slightly differently than the traditional p-a-m-i classical guitar tremolo, in a sense that the traditional flamenco . This is a Classical/Flamenco tremolo forum at strike with the thumb. Ok, let me post a little exercise that helped me learn. The tremolo is a beautiful techniques of the classical guitar: it gives the . exercises is to perform a chromatic scale by applying the tremolo.

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I asked her how she came to use that pattern.

The tremolo technique: how to improve it? – So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Arpeggio exercises, Arpeggio studies 6. Man im tired of typing: Flamenco Guitarist Scores 1. Would it be weeks, months, or years if I practiced 2 hours each day? After playing a string it should position itself behind the next string it is about to play. If your picking speed is fast enough to do this, a lot of other things become easier, too.

It definitely helps limit the movements of the fingers. The open string is the same height above the soundboard as the first and third strings. Practice all the tremolo exercises in this article at normal volume, loud volume, and soft volume—three distinct levels.

Watch the next video clip explaining how to figure out unpublished music from a recording and steal fingerings from John Williams, Tommy Emmanuel, and David Russell. Do not graduate yourself to the next notch until you have complete control of the current speed setting. What I meant was this: I have a minor case of focal dystonia that causes me some problem with my index finger, and I’m trying to figure out if I will ever do tremolo correctly.


Having explained all this about planting, I must confess I use no planting at all in flajenco tremolo. The 3-finger tremolo is almost back to normal, but the 4-finger tremolo that I love is still far from accurate.

I used to record myself on a reel-to-reel tape deck and then play it back at half speed to figure out where the unevenness in my tremolo was. Then, the finger falls back to its position in front of the second string by the force of gravity, not conscious effort and remains there, ready to play again.

It is also important so the thumb can play with minimal effort with small movements. Four even 16th, tremol, or flaamenco notes. To do this,some teachers recommend that the wrist be turned to the right. However, as you ascend on a pressed down string, the string gets closer and closer to the soundboard than the first and third open strings. As the thumb plays, you may have to actually oppose the pull on the finger by pushing the finger forward towards the floor to train the finger. And not only that, but it sounds pretty cool!

Thanks again for your help.

Some players do fine at slow speeds, but as they play faster the fingers tense and begin to splay apart. But be sure to listen for extraneous fingernail and thumbnail noises and tone quality evenness as well.

If the i a m i sequence is practiced without the thumb, I think it would be a good idea to pause by one count after the last i, which will represent one beat for the thumb.


It signals ttremolo thumb.

Although I enthusiastically recommend the Transcribe! So whenever your using your thumb on tremolo, always follow it with an index and stop with an index. The thumb plucks the third string. Be sure to watch the video on full screen.

The tremolo technique: how to improve it?

Here are detailed instructions and a video on how to use this technique. It can be played at a variety of degrees of loudness and softness. Now I’m beginning to understand.

I’m trying to find out how long it takes to get a good steady flow of tremolo going with confidence on at least four strings. But in flamenco, you still dont use 4 fingers as far as I know, well at least I dont but you start on your index, then ring, then middle, then BACK to index, and then you strike with the thumb.

Guitar Technique Tip of the Month

There really is no line drawn that separates the master’s fllamenco the students. Since tremolo picking offers the guitar player many interesting possibilities, we thought it would be a good idea to explore a few more in-depth exercises here.

Then practice your tremolo exercises.