View and Download Epson EBWI user manual online. EBWI Projector pdf manual download. Also for: Projector Epson EB-W8D User Manual. Epson . View and Download Epson EB-U32 user manual online. Multimedia. EB-U32 Projector pdf manual download. Also for: Projector Epson EB-W8D User Manual. EPSON EBW – Data-video-projector, LCD technology, resolution: WXGA Soft-Tragetasche, Software, Password Protect Sticker, Bedienungsanleitung.

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When you are finished, select Set and press [Enter]. Select Arc Correction and press [Enter]. Use the arrow buttons to select the corner of the image you want to adjust.

Touch Calibration Touch Calibration: Armenian 9 G ujarati Marathi Sout h Ndebele Selecting Split Screen Settings for bedjenungsanleitung Interactive Feature Follow the steps below to select the split screen projection settings using the bottom toolbar.

Stopping Video Action Temporarily Stopping Video Action Temporarily You can temporarily stop the action in a video or computer presentation and keep the current image on bedienuhgsanleitung screen.

Select the Extended menu and press [Enter]. Make sure that you aim the remote control at the projector’s receivers within the distance and angles listed here.

Bedienungsanleitung Epson EB-W8D (Seite 62 von 92) (Holländisch)

Downloading to your computer – You can also download the user manual Epson EB-W8D to your computer and keep it in your files. Pc Interactive Mode 2, select projected screen.


You must adjust the volume separately for each connected input bedieungsanleitung. Adjusting Projector Features Follow the instructions in these sections to use your projector’s adjustment features.

To use password security, you must set a password. If you see a message that calibration failed, you need to calibrate manually. Projector Lamp Maintenance Gently insert the new lamp into the projector.

EPSON EBW – Kindermann Webshop

To do this, you must install the Epson You can navigate, select, and interact with your computer programs from the projected screen. If none of these solutions help, contact Epson for technical support. Password New Password Bedlenungsanleitung the new password when changing the password to open the Tools window.

Projector Reset Options – Reset Menu You can reset most of the projector settings to their default values using the Reset All option on the Reset menu. Appendix Check these sections for the technical specifications and important notices about your projector. Shorten or change the file name.

Epson EB-U32 User Manual

Projector Connections charging the smartphone or tablet device may not work or you may not Connecting to Smartphones or Tablets be able to bedienungsanleitumg operations using the projector’s remote control. Mute] button for 5 seconds again.


Sets the color tone based on color currently selected input source.

The soft pen tips are installed on the pens by default. Enter the password again. Press [Menu] or [Esc] to exit the menus. You can select any connected network device for projection, even if the user connected using the EasyMP Multi PC Projection software with the moderator feature enabled. Projector Security Features You see the prompt “Change the password? With Epson’s Instant Off technology, there is no cool-down period so you can pack up the projector for transport right away.

You can write and draw across the screens. Warning Do not use a lens cleaner that contains flammable gas. Source Displays the name of the port to which the current input source is connected.

Sorry, manual briefs data are unavailable at this moment. Page Projector Feature Settings – Settings Menu Setting Options Description Test Pattern — Displays a test pattern to assist in focusing and zooming the image and correcting image shape press the [Esc] button to cancel pattern display. Chewa; C hiche wa.