Gurdjieff Dominican Group – January Seminar Movements – Fourth Way Ideas – Practical application of Gurdjieff Work. This seminar is Enneagramma. View Gurdjieff Research Papers on for free. L’enneagramma: alcune domande per un dibattito ().pdf. The aricle discusses the Enneagram . The Gurdjieff Groups of W.A. Nyland. likes. Mr. Nyland was known for his clarity and seriousness as an early student of Gurdjieff in America. He.

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Others instead came to affirm that the comprehension of this symbol could unveil the interpretation of any science, the mechanism of any system and the laws that govern them.

For the Armenian mystic it is a dynamic symbol which can represent the whole universe. From this viewpoint, therefore, at least four other points affect a person’s overall personality; the two points connected by the lines to the core type and the two wing points. At point 8, the “Si” or Ti at the end of the first “ordinary food” octave represents the sexual energies, of “density” 12; which are the “highest substance” according to Gurdjieff which the body produces naturally without conscious intervention.

You could take part as participant, speaker or observer — number of participants is limited. Another of his books, Enneagram Studies[22] is devoted to the subject, offering nine examples of enneagrams in various applications.

Instead of the ” outsider ” perspective of methodological agnosticism, one draws on an ” insider ” perspective of committed, first-person involvement. He did not, however, develop gurdjifff nine personality types associated with the Enneagram.

Archived from the original on 25 November Toward a Phenomenology of Affective Experience There has been limited formal psychometric analysis of the Enneagram and the peer-reviewed research that has been done has not been widely accepted within the relevant academic communities. Ouspenskyand an integral part of the Fourth Way esoteric system associated with George Gurdjieff.


Point 7 represents emotional and other energies, of a “density” of There are different schools of thought among Enneagram teachers, therefore their ideas are not always in agreement. In his book Gurdjieff: Interviews with Oscar Ichazo. A desire to conserve this “higher substances” for esoteric use is said to be the original reason for religious celibacy. Katherine Mansfield’s Final Days in France. It has not been possible to find any documentary evidence of the existence of an enneagrammatic theory until Gurdjieff presented his own theory to his disciples.

The Lives and Work of G. In this article, I draw on my ongoing understanding of Gurdjieff’s Law of Three and Bennett’s six triads to suggest that esoteric knowledge is not necessarily ” hidden ” or ” beyond the ordinary ” but can unfold in a process of progressive awareness whereby the student engages in an empathetic, deepening understanding of phenomena.

File:Enneagram as an – Wikimedia Commons

As the enneagram figure is a symbol said to represent the “law of seven” and the “law of three” in unity, therefore, according to this view, the figure can be used to describe any natural whole phenomenon, cosmos, process enneavramma life or any other piece of knowledge. Claudio Del Piano [English version] Edited and translated by: In any process described in terms of the Law of Seven, the Mi-Fa interval and the Ti-Do interval are said to be shock points where outside help is needed if the octave is to continue to develop as intended.


Claudio Naranjo is a Chilean-born psychiatrist who first learned about the Enneagram of Personality from Ichazo at a course in Arica, Chile. Drawing on accounts from British philosopher and Gurdjieff associate J.

Gurdjieff’s Presentation of Emotion: Harcourt Brace, and Routledge. The origins and historical development of the Enneagram of Personality are matters of dispute. Bennett to argue that a phenomenological approach is a valuable interpretive complement to methodological agnosticism because it offers gurdjeiff reliable conceptual and methodological means for probing esoteric claims as they might be understood via firsthand encounter and experience.

This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat The Bolivian-born Ichazo began teaching programs of self-development in the s.

File:Enneagram as an octave.svg

At point 1 it ennsagramma said to be processed in the gut as Re and is refined to a “density” of the same “density” as water. How have books served, and failed to serve, human purposes over the last years? The burden of proof is on proponents of the enneagram to furnish scientific evidence for their claims. Ichazo has disowned Naranjo, Palmer and the other Jesuit writers on the Enneagram on the grounds that his descriptions of the nine types gurdjierf ego fixations that develop in early childhood in response to trauma.

At point 4 the original food octave is at “Fa” but the new air octave is at Re. Help Center Find new research papers in: