Abstract. ESTOPINAN REBOLLAR, Ramón; ESTOPINAN CANOVAS, Ramón and PILA PELAEZ, Rafael. Enfermedad de Hirschsprung en un adulto. Rev Col. Resumen. LOMBANA, Luis Jorge y DOMINGUEZ, Luis Carlos. Surgery in adult Hirschsprung’s disease. Rev Col Gastroenterol [online]. , vol, n La enfermedad de Hirschsprung es una enfermedad del intestino grueso (colon). Normalmente, las heces fecales son empujadas a través del colon por.

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Another option in these cases is the realization of an end ileostomy following colectomy, to avoid the risk of a possible wound dehiscence, as it happened in our case. The patient was a 32 year old man with severe intellectual and mental retardation from a poorly educated family. Treatment is always surgical. S protein detection of neuronal cells: The absence of ganglion cells results in permanent contraction of adultoos affected segment, preventing the passage of fecal content through that region.

Serology for Chagas’ disease was carried out in order to exclude a diagnosis of Chagas’ Disease megacolon, with negative result.

Enfermedad de Hirschsprung en un adulto

CD detection of interstitial cells of Cajal: SNIP measures contextual citation impact by wighting citations based on the total number of citations in a subject field. The treatment is surgical, in order to remove the aganglionic segment and restore digestive continuity. Agonglinosis is pathgnomonic for HD.

Some authors have maintained that Hirschsprung’s disease in adults probably correspond to congenital cases not diagnosed previously, and consequently it is likely that, in fact, adult Hirschsprung’s disease does not really exist as an independent entity.


Therefore, the most entermedad stools upstream pass around the fecal impaction and produce the reported symptom, known as fecal incontinence soiling.

Vólvulo en adultos

No nausea or vomiting. Typically, patients go to the doctor with a long-standing history of constipation requiring frequent laxative use.

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The rectal biopsy should be made on the back side of rectum, about 6 cm height, and it shows absence of ganglion cells, nerve fibers hyperplasia and an increased level of acetylcholinesterase 7.

The age of patients ranges from 10 to 73 years old.

Contents by Year, Volume and Issue. Hirschsprung’s disease in adults: The girl refers onset of fecal incontinence at the age of Rnfermedad background, he reported fecal incontinence with encopresis since he was 12 year-old, initially ascribed to a child psychiatric disorder.

Vólvulo en adultos | HCA Healthcare

Congenital aganglionic megacolon in Nigerian adults: Female patient, 13 years old, coming from Campo Grande – MS, reports that since birth had intestinal constipation, with mean bowel movements at every days with hardened enfermecad, being followed-up by a pediatrician and in treatment for functional constipation.

Clinical case Female patient, 13 years old, coming from Campo Grande – MS, reports that since birth had intestinal constipation, with mean bowel movements at every days with hardened feces, being followed-up hirschsprun a pediatrician and in treatment for functional constipation.


The patient suffered from sensory aphasia episode, being diagnosed with ischemic stroke, with good recuperation without sequelae.

It is the most frequent cause of the lower neonatal intestinal obstruction. These patients tend to have milder forms of the disease, in which hypertrophy of innervated proximal colon compensates the functional obstruction by lack of innervation of the distal area 2.

J Nippon Med Sch ; Gordon PH, Nivatvongs S. We report a case not previously diagnosed, which presented as a massive colonic dilatation with a maximum diameter of 44 cm, with imminent risk of drilling that forced to perform an emergency surgery. Based on the length of the affected segment, it is classified as: Discussion Hirschsprung’s disease affects about 1 in 5, live births and usually presents in neonatal period.

A transition zone was appreciated in distal sigmoid colon. Hirschsprung’s disease in a young adult: It is important to consider the presence of this rare pathologic process in young adult patients with treatment-refractory chronic constipation, in whom other more common diseases have been ruled out through easily accessed studies, such as imaging or anorectal physiology studies.

Undoubtedly, it represents a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge.