Electrooculography is a technique for measuring the resting and action potential of the retina. The resulting signal is called the electrooculogram. Usually, pairs. Seminar on Electrooculography,its abstract,PPT and seminar Report. Electrooculography Information on IEEE’s Technology Navigator. Start your 11th International Symposium on Mechatronics and its Applications (ISMA).

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In practice, the measurement is similar to eye movement recordings see above.

The 39th International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing TSP is organized for academics, researchers, and developers and it serves as a forum to promote the exchange of the latest advances in telecommunication technology and signal processing. Human life is greatly dependent on these systems. Robotics and Intelligent systems, 4. So the interactions between Human and Computers has evolved toward interactions between Human and Systems including the larger range of ubiquitous, pervasive computing.

Subscribe via email for more Latest topics 12 Steps to boost your innovative project ideas The best Seminar Topics for ECEbig list with abstracts Previous year, collection of ECE Seminar topics with abstracts 2 harithaveluri ISMA is the eighth in a series of symposia focusing on theoretical and practical aspects of Mechatronics.

Themes of the symposium include, but electroouclography limited to: During the conference we would like to inspire and provoke the seminnar to work on new ideas and solutions that could become standards for future Human System Interaction applications.

You should do your own research additional to this information semunar presenting your seminar. Electrooculography was used by Robert Zemeckis and Jerome Chenthe visual effects supervisor in the movie Beowulfto enhance the performance capture by correctly animating the eye movements of the actors. Broad coverage of concepts and methods of the physical and engineering sciences applied in electrooculoraphy and medicine, ranging from formalized mathematical theory through experimental science and technological development to practical clinical applications.


Electrooculography – IEEE Conferences, Publications, and Resources

The classifier is based on deterministic finite automata DFA. The HSI conference covers both theory and applications in all the area of human system interaction. Theoretical and practical aspects of Mechatronics. Fluorescein angiography Fundus photography Corneal topography Optical coherence tomography Electrodiagnosis: The conference will focus not only on theories but also on practical insights related to Human System Interaction. Submitted papers will be peer reviewed.

The placement of the electrodes is up and down or right and left. The TSP Conference is organized by fifteen universities from Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey, Taiwan, Japan, Slovak Republic, Spain, Bulgaria, France, Slovenia, Croatia, and Poland, for academics, researchers, and developers and it serves as a premier annual international forum to promote the exchange of the latest advances in telecommunication technology and signal processing.

The seninar originally started as a Central European initiative but recently we have had participants from Universities and Research Centers from the whole Europe and also from Asia, America and Africa. Basically EOG is a bio-electrical skin potential measured around the eyes but first we have to understand eye itself:.

The TSP conference is organized for young academics, researchers and developers from different branches of telecommunication technology and signal processing.

When light is switched on, a substantial increase of the resting potential occurs “light peak”which drops off after a few minutes when the retina adapts to the light. The advantages of actigraphy include high accuracy, simplicity of use and low intrusiveness. Hello Haritha, Welcome to Collegelib! Electrooculography are used in various field of analyzing the movements of the eyeball.


The EOG is used to assess the function of the pigment epithelium. This potential is commonl y known as electrooculogram.


Smart eyeglasses or head-mounted displays HMDs have been gaining traction as next-generation mainstream wearable devices. Members of both the Neuroscience and Engineering Communities areencouraged to attend this highly multidisciplinarymeeting. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The primary goal of the journal is to bridge the unique scientific and technical activities of the Circuits and Systems The result was an improvement over the technique used for the film The Polar Express.

Electrooculography | Seminar Report, PPT, PDF for ECE Students

When the doctor asks the patient to see one electrode, the portion of the retina facing that position is the plus side and the portion away from that electrode is the minus side. Themes included but not limited to are: The annual conference of EMBS averages attendees from over 50 countries. HSI conference has been prepared as a platform for exchanging ideas, knowledge, skills and experiences in interactions between man and these s 2nd Conference on Human System Interactions HSI Computers are today integrant parts of our life, embedded in more and more devices, objects, and systems.