Results 1 – 30 of 46 Misdaad en straf: roman in zes delen: Dostojevski, Fjodor M. . Ein Roman in sechs Teilen mit einem Epilog (Schuld und Sühne). Dez. Get this from a library! Raskolnikoff: Schuld und Sühne: opera. [Heinrich Sutermeister; Peter Sutermeister; F M Dostojevskij]. Schuld und Sühne (TV Movie). Belye nochi (book) Kepissä on kaksi päätä (TV Movie) (novels – as F.M. Dostojevski). Aikalainen (novel.

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He overhears Raskolnikov’s confessions to Sonya and uses this knowledge to torment both Dunya and Raskolnikov, but does not inform the police. The Garnett translation was the dominant translation for more than 80 years after its publication in Ozick, Cynthia 24 February He encounters the police official Zamyotov, who was present when he fainted in the bureau, and openly mocks the young man’s unspoken suspicions.

Linked Data More info about Linked Data. His schulld marriage in provided him with a stable home life and personal contentment, and during the years that followed he produced his great novels: As he leaves he tells her that he will come back tomorrow and tell her who killed her friend Lizaveta.

This article is about the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky. At the end of November much doztojewski been written and was ready; I burned it all; I can confess that now.

A further series of internal and external events seem to conspire to compel him toward the resolution to enact it. It was first published in the literary journal The Russian Messenger in twelve monthly installments during He looks for news about the murder, and seems almost to want to draw attention to his own part in it.

Fyodor Dostoevsky – IMDb

In it, he returns to the innocence of his childhood and watches as a group of peasants beat an old mare to death. A late nineteenth-century reader was, however, accustomed to more orderly and linear types of expository narration. Edit Did You Know? Indeed, his “Napoleon-like” plan impels him toward a well-calculated murder, the ultimate conclusion of his self-deception with utilitarianism. The knd is also a warning, foreshadowing an impending murder and holds several nud to his murder of the pawnbroker.


He also kills her half-sister, Lizaveta, who happens to stumble upon the scene of the crime. In the final pages, Raskolnikov, who at this point is in the prison infirmary, has a feverish dream about a plague of nihilismthat enters Russia and Europe from the east and which spreads senseless dissent Raskolnikov’s name alludes to “raskol”, dissent and fanatic dedication to “new ideas”: Marmeladov’s daughter, morally chaste and devout Sonya, must earn a living as a prostitute for their impoverished family, the result of his alcoholism.

To escape her vulnerable position, and with hopes of helping her brother, Dunya has chosen to marry a wealthy suitor, Luzhin, whom they are coming to meet in Petersburg. Crime and Punishmentthe story of Rodya Raskolnikov, who kills doetojewski old women in the belief that he is beyond the bounds of good and evil; The Idiotsthe story of an epileptic who tragically affects the lives of those around him; The Possessedthe story of the effect of revolutionary thought on the members of one Russian community; A Raw Youthwhich focuses on the disintegration and decay of family relationships and life; and The Brothers Karamazovwhich centers on the murder of Fyodor Karamazov and the effect the murder has on each of his four sons.

To Raskolnikov’s surprise, Svidrigailov suddenly appears and informs him that he will be using the ten thousand rubles intended for Dunya to make the funeral arrangements and to place the children in good orphanages.

She initially plans to marry the wealthy lawyer Luzhin, to free the family from financial destitution. Isolated and antisocial, he has abandoned all attempts to support himself, and is brooding obsessively on a scheme he has dosyojewski to murder and rob an elderly pawn-broker. Show all 9 episodes.

The Miraculous Years, — Don’t have an account? The man politely introduces himself as Arkady Ivanovich Svidrigailov. Some features of WorldCat will not be available.


Фёдор Михайлович Достоевский

He measured the novel’s excellence by the accuracy and understanding schuls which Dostoevsky doxtojewski the contemporary social reality, and focused on what he regarded as inconsistencies in the novel’s plot. Edit Personal Details Other Works: Show all 38 episodes. Retrieved 24 August When Raskolnikov asks him what his motives are, he laughingly replies with direct quotations of Raskolnikov’s own words, spoken when he was trying to explain his justifications for the murder to Sonya.

His father, a doctor, was a member of the Russian nobility, owned serfs and had a considerable estate near Moscow where he lived with his family. How Much Have You Seen?

Raskolnikoff : Schuld und Sühne : opera

Dimitri Pisarev ridiculed the notion that Raskolnikov’s ideas could be identified with those of the radicals of the time. Please enter the message. Dunya and Razumikhin marry and plan to move to Siberia, but Raskolnikov’s mother falls ill and dies. In a state of extreme nervous tension, Raskolnikov steals an axe and makes his way once more to the old woman’s apartment. Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment.

Porfiry doesn’t believe the confession, but he is forced to let Raskolnikov go. The mood in the room turns against Sonya, Luzhin chastises her, and the landlady orders the family out. DostoevskiiFedor Mikhailovich, Before the killing, Raskolnikov believes that with the money he could liberate himself from poverty and go on to perform great deeds; but afterwards he dodtojewski himself racked with confusion, paranoia, and disgust for what he has done. October 30in Moscow, Russian Empire [now Russia].

Upon entering his room Raskolnikov is deeply shocked to see his mother and sister sitting on the sofa. Philosophical novel psychological fiction. He sincerely apologises for his previous behavior and seeks to explain the reasons behind it.