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According to DIN EN maintenance is a “combination of all technical to DIN time schedules, personnel placement and work cycles. Fundamentals of maintenance – DIN It divides maintenance commpletely into basic elements and defines terms which, together with the terms of DIN EN. DIN Fundamentals of maintenance. standard by Deutsches Institut Fur Normung E.V. (German National Standard), 09/01/ View all product details.

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Angularity of the ram movement to the fixed press table. The basis for a functioning maintenance is a maintenance documentation. Measures to delay the removal of existing wear and tear Inspection: Maintenance year planning, repair work with various tradesmen and third-party service providers where there is a very high requirement for costs and deadline.

Fundamentals of maintenance

The work of third-party service providers is subject to warranty and warranty claims are additionally secured. Despite all automation with robots, sensors and actuators and modern controls, they vin always dependent on humans for maintenance purposes.

Top the frame during the working stroke. Complex work instructions in maintenance contain parts of the maintenance management.

DIN – Seite 4 – Instandhaltung-Maintenance-Wartung

Maintenance plans, checklists and machine books for recording the activities are managed and checked by the maintenance department. The times is saved at negative consequential costs due to production downtime and longer service lives. Defective compression springs lead to increased wear on the friction linings.

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Destructions are carried out by the personnel of the production or by the maintenance staff. On the basis of the maintenance documentation, the investment requirement per plant is determined and defined. In the case of a lack of personnel or if special tools and abilities are required, foreign service providers may be consulted.

Instructions and work ddin help the supervisor to implement them. Supervision of third-party service providers is ensured by the maintenance team. Orders are issued by the manufacturing, planning, control and maintenance department.

Measures for assessing and assessing the ISt condition of a viewing unit, including determining the causes of wear and deriving the necessary steps for future use. People are always in the forefront with all technology in terms of maintenance. Work instructions for maintenance A documentation helps maintenance to carry out its tasks and communicate these transparently to customers and colleagues.

Repairs are carried out and processed by the maintenance department. The 31015 of service providers and their work is precisely documented and controlled by the maintenance department according to type and scope.

Temperatures, switching times and angles are indicated on the display and can immediately provide information on the condition of the components. Various systems are used to prevent the clutch and the brake from interacting with each other. Investments in a preventive maintenance, which can work well organized and structured, is very well spent money.


The maintenance team supports the production staff in their tasks and becomes knowledge through training To strengthen the importance of this work. A maintenance is a partner and a qualified service provider for all departments.

Top the frame during the working stroke 5. Faulty cam switching and programming lead to increased wear on the linings and the system. The size of the brake angle should not be greater than max. Workflows can be standardized. At simultaneous presentation of several tasks, the maintenance not all Immediately, the department heads decide on the order of the work.

The design of the cross sections, production in steel welding or casting and the selection of the engine often determine the quality of the products. The maintenance itself is significantly relieved and can concentrate on its core business.

If no deviations from the work plan are determined, the order is sent Marked as completed by the employee and documented in the machine book with a signature.