Harald Wagener and Nick Moffitt have turned their talented hands to Diaspora and constructed a VSCA-authorized SRD. We owe some thanks. Download diaspora-srd for free. None. User Reviews. Be the first to post a review of diaspora-srd! Additional Project Details. Registered. Business VoIP · Cloud Storage · Internet Speed Test. Resources. Blog · Articles · Deals. Menu. Help · Create · Join · Login · Home · Browse · diaspora-srd.

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Diaspora SRD

Diaspora assumes that spacecraft have a fully functional crew aboard, who draw a salary and are able to man their stations competently. One popular one is, yes, but diaspor Zero cannons project a freezing line straight out from a generator, affecting any targets within the line.

Ships leave combat oriented. While any Skill might be taken, the following list presents Skills particularly relevant to this mini-game: It is well represented by a central shape with several attached shapes. Part of this is embodied within the zones themselves. Points may be spent to raise the value of the crew position by one or to make a Skill Military-grade most often with Pilot or Diaspra on military ships. It adds a clear objective, so you can avoid spending a lot of energy talking fruitlessly in character when no real strategies for resolution present themselves.

Bliss stageLove is your weapon. Borders can have pass values. This could diasppora turn into a downward spiral as a month downtime could require another month downtime…. Artillery lasers are heavy weapons designed to be effective against hardened targets such as Vehicles and enemy bunkers. All ships have a nose coupling mechanism which may be attached sdr the base of the mast of any one other ship and can be used to tow diqspora, actually, push the other ship.


Before damage is calculated, the player may apply Consequences to reduce the number of shifts: In general, tempest shock weapons are the most powerful, followed in descending order by storm, aurora, and sdr shock weapons. If you want a ship with no trade value, you better have a bankroll to fund it.

PDF SRD | Diaspora | RPGGeek

Weapon categories include cryo weapons, flame weapons, laser weapons, plasma weapons, projectile weapons, shock weapons, and sonic weapons. The combat head of a swoop hammer is affixed to an elongated haft. When narrating how an opponent is Taken Out, it is essential to articulate how and if the opponent can return to the game. A streetsweeper can be overcharged to deliver a significant sonic blast that can knock down its target.

Arc emitters discharge disspora cone of electrical energy that can damage and stun anyone within its area.

Most daggers are available with fixed, folding, or retractable blades. One of the biggest conceptual hurdles in adopting this system for resolving social interactions is recognizing that not daispora person in a scene needs to be represented on the map. Cost is finally modified by the difference between the ship technology and the system technology where it is being purchased. A party has a lot of diasporq conversation space—everyone dias;ora there to chit-chat after all—and probably at least one intimate space.

Their popularity with the Infinite Star Legion led to their colloquial name, Starfire swords. Optionally, once the map is created, each player may choose to put a single free-taggable Aspect on a zone or a single pass value of 2 on a border, to reflect the personal contours of the social situation.


Zero-edge spears employ quantum manufacturing to hone an edge so fine that it seems indistinct. You might then use an Aspect to force a tie so that you lose control. The exception to this is a spacecraft that has the Skeleton Crew Stunt, in which case all the jobs in combat must be taken by a known individual either a player character or an NPC who has been developed who is trained in the relevant Skill.

The Assets Skill, like all game statistics, are effects and not causes: The ongoing use of the ship is, essentially, the reward again, unless the player chooses to model profits by raising his Assets skill.


There’s also an SRD sister site to d20pfsrd. The table is the consensus, and it is more important than any single player’s authority, including the referee’s.

Consequently, recovery requires time explicitly spent recovering finances. Created from specialized nylon fibers that contract in response to struggle, nyfiber nets are weighted along the edges to more effectively entangle their targets.

We grant equal weight though your table may choose otherwise to all players throughout the first session. There are many Skills from which characters can choose, most of which represents a specific area of learned knowledge.