Dersu the Trapper. V. K. Arsen’ev, Author, V. K. Arseniev, Author, Malcolm Burr, Translator McPherson $ (p) ISBN Dersu the Trapper has ratings and 71 reviews. Algernon said: Get out your man card and start punching: go on an expedition to the wildest Siberi. Eighty years ago, in , the eminent Russian explorer V. K. Arseniev published a memoir called Dersu the Trapper. It has been beloved of.

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Jul 19, David Veneziano rated it it was amazing. Dersu es un cazador de la taiga, acostumbrado a dormir en el lugar donde cae la noche, con una sagacidad del terreno y la vida salvaje.

Writing about living in such close harmony with nature and living off the land, taking only what they needed, emphasizes how most people today are distanced from the natural world. I have read some about the derssu groups I mentioned dersuu, but now of course I want to study these groups from each continent.

It reads as a memoir, but the author of the preface, Jaimy Gordon, says, “We may be sure that the Dersu of the books is a composite character.

This unity led to his understanding of and respect for life. Become a LibraryThing Author. I have read some about the indigenous groups I mentioned above, but now of course I want hrapper study these groups from each continent. We shot and ate a roe and left it for the ants. In the spring of he asked Arsenyev for permission to return to the woods.

Dersu Uzala – Wikipedia

Wikipedia in English 1 Dersu Uzala book. Live alone in mountains – soon die. Friendship, the slow terrible impact of one culture upon another, the slow terrible impact of human culture upon nature This page was last edited on 7 Mayat In director Agasi Babayan made the first adaption Dersu Uzala. Dersu saved Arseniev’s life many times.


Much like in Dances with Wolves, the author, Arseniev has a wish to see the Taiga before it completely disappears as civilization advances. Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject.

Thus my excitement over discovering Dersu. Each expedition is beset with hardship and danger: It was cold and we could not get warm. Vladimir Klavdiyevich Arsenyev Russian: He can look at a track that would mean nothing to you and me, tell you an entire story about the animal, its age, health, mood, intent Dersu was his guide and friend, one of those almost mystical dudes who can read intent, age, and health from spoor and know a person by their tracks.

Arseniev admired him, respected his wisdom and values, and loved him; the reader comes to do so too, and Arseniev as well. This said, my first reaction on reading the text?

Dersu the Trapper

His task was to map the territory and te also describes the plant and animal life of the area, as well as the people. He worked as a guide for Vladimir Arsenyev who immortalized him in his book Dersu Uzala.

None of this Hollywood Aragorn-patting-grass-where-hobbits-made-love: Arsenyev predicts the desertification of once naturally abundant tje. I want to note the unobtrusive personality of the Russian officer, who tells us about the Gold he so admires and not about himself. During our meal I threw a bit of meat into the fire. This is a tight, very good plus or better book in the original complete DJ which has some overall rubbing and dust soil, but no chips.


The character of Dersu Uzala is a composite, according to the introduction, yet he is based on real people and is lovingly and beautifully trappr, leaves a stamp on the imagination and made me want to go camping again!

An awesome bromance set in the late s of South East Russia. Other books in this series. Dersu became the native guide for Arseniev’s expeditions, and much, much more than that. A ‘classic,’ in Russia, but They can eat it.

Wouldn’t that make a great discussion group and a great reading list? Among these, Dersu the Trapper has earned a privileged place in Russian literature. Chloroplasts are the best ones: Add to Your books. His task was to map the territory and he also describes the plant and animal life of the area, as well as the people. He was completely attuned to life outdoors, noticing and interpreting the smallest clues about weather, animals, and people. Dersu saved Arseniev’s life many times.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The book is a classic traper deserves to be rediscovered and Dersu is a true hero.

Dersu the Trapper : V. K. Arseniev :

This book is a chronicling of the Ussuri Tiaga in east Russia of a surveyor for the railroad. He also knew which one to trapperr Originally published inthis English translation is reprinted in its entirety now for the first time.