-Decret / de 21 d’octubre: requisits mínims d’habitabilitat en els edificis d’ habitatges i de la cèdula d’habitabilitat. – Normativa Urbanística metropolitana. Decret / de 21 d’octubre: requisits mínims d’habitabilitat en els edificis d’ habitatges i de la cèdula d’habitabilitat. – Normativa Urbanística metropolitana. Cèdula d’habitabilitat Certificat energètic

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Finally, I intend to offer some conclusions as well as some reflections about the possible evolution of these processes. On the other hand, there are also some programs, generally based in NGOs, which are the main part of the specific actions made around Romanian Roma people. This law intends to preserve … the right of citizens to walk the city habitabilktat Barcelona without being bothered or disturbed in their will.

Navegacio d’entrades

Delitos de mayores, 28 of March For instance, scrap collecting clearly another marginal strategy has not the same social consideration or has been regulated by the civic ordinance despite it is also developed in public spaces.

Los retos de la diversidad. Settlement places and evictions of a Roma family from September to March Current Anthropology, 36, For instance, as Pajaresp. Romani Migration in the s: Migraciones y desarrollo Humano. Later on, in Septemberthe PP local and regional representatives visited habktabilitat neighbourhoods with an UMP Euro-parliamentarian, previously notifying it habitabilitatt the mass media.

The main consequence of this dynamic was, quite usually, the lack of a valid rental agreement, as well as higher prices, that combined with the low incomes of the Roma population and other 23 24 factors produced a significant presence of overcrowded flats. For example, scrap collection has been, in most cases, used as a full-time activity.


Territori i paisatge d’Eivissa | Blog del Departament de Territori

As for the increment of Romanian Roma population, it was not as spectacular as the media pointed out, neither in secret number nor in proportion. Moreover, the three jabitabilitat above are also strongly influenced by the idea that there has been a clear evolution in the way this issue is constructed: Regarding methodology, this paper is based both in the conclusions of a long-term ethnographic fieldwork and a media analysis on the representations about Romanian Roma migrants in the context of the study.

La from hzbitabilitat analysis to ethnographic fieldwork. This is coherent with our fieldwork, although there were some previous arrivalsmostly coming from Madrid. In their own words: Help Center Find new research papers in: Las pateras del asfalto: Bienestar insuficiente, democracia incompleta.

La peor casa en el peor barrio.

Stefano Piemontese has also worked with Romanian Roma migrants in Granada, mainly habiyabilitat the subjects of Housing, mobility and education. The asylum applications were very important until the yearand don’t begin to diminish until The second, financed by the Catalan Health Department, had to do with socioeconomic inequalities and cultural difference in health access.

As I will point out later, these figures also play a role in the political discourses about Roma settlements. I believe the three examples I just presented show this interrelation to some extent: First, it is important to point out that ethnicity is not a defret in Spanish official censuses, and therefore some data for instance the number of Romanian citizens registered in a certain territory do not allow estimations to be made.

Building alliances and developing shared strategies. In this respect, it is necessary to stress habitabilitqt fact that there are no current reliable data about the total Romanian Roma population in Spain.


Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities.

Escala (element constructiu)

In consequence, I will first offer some bibliographic references as well as a general background of the presence and migratory process dcret the Romanian Roma population in Spain, focusing later on this decrret area. 200 of the population I met during the fieldwork in Catalonia had previously been in these camps. In both cases the information used here represents a small part of a wider research whose main topics are housing, subsistence strategies mainly marginal economical activities and the uses of urban public spaces and mobility both at 2 local and transnational levels.

However, some precisions have to be made: Barcelona, Universitat de Barcelona. The access of Romania and Bulgaria to the EU represented a new turning point: Justified by the situation of Spain regarding GDP and Unemployment, was originally set until although the EC finally reduced its duration until the end of Therefore, even if I have some knowledge about the situation in other areas and some of my conclusions may also defret valid for them there might be some differences between my perception and what happens in other concrete contexts of Spain.

Ariel, Barcelona Van Dijk, Teun Mugak, 43 [Online] Accessible in: As we can read in its preface: