A venue owner is hot and bothered to install a DRPA. He is thinking it will be a one-unit fix-all-of-our -problems box. His regular knob-turner can. Sorry, the dbx DriveRack PA2 Package – with RTA Mic, Stand, and Cable is no longer available. We’ve left this page up for reference only. Check out the great. Hi,i want to know, why should i or why shouldn’t i use it. If you think it is ok to use it, how.

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DBX DRPA good or not so good???? | Harmony Central

However, in the case of BFM’s horn loaded designs, the limiter is set to prevent over-excursion of the voice coils, rather than preventing the amp from clipping. I’ve dbz the wizard and some time, but not all the time Anyone know anything about that? Cleaning faceplates and occasional EQ dissection to clean the sliders isn’t a real problem for me. It makes sense what you said about setting it with the amp gains up and then backing them back down, in the reading Ive been doing I assumed that the amp gains would be left at full gain, however i did not think this would have been the optimum signal to noise ddbx.

Did you use the wizard or did you set it up manually? I have had absolutely no problems with mine and I purchased it within a couple weeks of when they came out. I’ve gotten plenty of work off the sound people are hearing, just would like to take it to the next level. He has the blessed Alesis comp on the drpw feed!?!?!?!?



As with all DR products, you do need to understand gain structure and you also need to ignore the gain structure addendum in the manual Previous 1 2 Next. Ryan Jenkins “Two days until the end of when I don’t know what to think.

Three days until I start the cycle all over again! Used in this way, the audio signal is unaltered and faithfully reproduced until you exceed the limiter threshold, and then you hear dpra compression.

Why not have him take a look at the DR or a Minidrive. Home Board index Electronics Mixers and Processors. It will also allow you to at least make a decent attempt at EQ’ing your system and keeping wandering fingers from messing with it you might leave the dual 15 inline for those who just have to twiddle- although a properly tuned system shouldn’t require an EQ change going from folky to hairband. According to the DBX gurus this doesn’t render the best signal dpra noise ratio.

The one on monitors really the backup had the screen go blank.

Life is just a game, don’t take it to seriously! The response I am getting locally is that the DR is the weak link in the system and that most pros don’t like them We drpq the subs because you will not hear them distort. It’s not that the sound is bad I also use a Medusa Whirlwind snake so the chain I think is pretty good stuff. It will provide you with the crossover you are currently missing and allow you to put hard limiting on the system for those 80’s hair band types.

It now sits drpq a pile of unused stuff though. You then set the amp attenuation for the desired sound level. Some issues I have not been able to find answers to: I am addressing the technical talent issue by sitting all involved down with a willing musician and going through uses of the gear, explaining what all the features are.


On the contrary, over on the harmony central forum I have read a few people say to run the amps gain full open and let the DRPA do the limiting, since it will clip before the amps do regardless because of input threshold or something. Travis “Audio Viking” Baits ” For example, if the amp can only produce 54 volts flat out before clip, and you set dra limiter threshold to 60V, the limiter will not prevent clipping in any way.

ProSoundWeb Community

Once they get past their initial break in period they seem pretty reliable. I was actually impressed as when I originally purchased the system I wasn’t expecting that. Yeah, for an install, I’d go at least with the DR They are more money but way more versatile. Are you using the software in the amps as well as the DRPA?

So are you saying that the Driverack and the Ashly Protea are comparable, sound wise and converter wise? The DriveRack was not out yet or I would have gotten one. So the moron that dares touch your gear could turn down the amp gain and, but never cook the driver by turning the gain up.

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