A tutorial about CVSNT, a concurrent versions system. How to backup the CVS repository. Includes examples. EVS is an advanced multiplatform version control ecosystem. Supporting many advanced features it remains compatible with industry standard protocols. The CVSNT Versioning System implements a version control system: it keeps track of all . “CVSNT Auditing Tutorial”. Bo Berglund. Retrieved 23 March .

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You can add domain users with the following cvxnt Install in progress Release notes Installation done! Most of the discussion is also valid for installation on Windows XP-Pro see below for an important setting. Notice that on XP-Pro out of the box from Microsoft the permissions cannot be set like this until “Simple File Sharing” is switched off see above.

CVSNT tries its best to handle spaces embedded in file and directory names. In March the project released version 2. The Free Software Foundation. Have both of them pointing to your temp directory you created before.

Don’t use aliases in the login scheme, let each user login as himself, for example using: I accepted the other defaults. Even if you’re just working on school projects, version control can be a great tool. I cannot check it because I don’t have a domain. However the unstable CVS 1. To make a new user first of all you must create a Windows User.


I think you need the drive letter for the repository like mine is d: Now the list of repositories has been populated with the first repository: Retrieved 13 July This file holds all the usernames and passwords.

The project began advertising for contributors more aggressively including placing advertising in commit comments which can be turned off. Users unhappy with the limitations of CVS 1.

Since that time, there has not been a stable feature release of CVS. Torque Owner Sam Contapay. If you’re doing serious software development, most likely you will use some kind of version control software.

I also changed the Temporary Directory to be C: The -a tells cvs you want to add a new user. CVSNT will strip the domain part from all accounts that log on using the default domain before processing. Due to this shared history, all features from CVS 1.

The CVSNT Manuals

Only the password for login is ‘encrypted’ and this is only barely so. In addition, you can do things like manage changes in files if more than one developer works on the same file at the same time. Note that the CVS administrator need not be a server administrator! I don’t know hwo different some things will be in NT4 but shouldn’t be too hard to adapt. Compatibility On the next tab Compatibility Options there is nothing you need to change for now: It is compatible with CVS clients and supports a large number of configuration management methodologies including the CVS compatible unreserved method and the VSS -like reserved method.


So make your windows user name now. It cvsbt compatible with and originally based on Concurrent Versions System CVSwhich has become popular in the open-source world.

[cvsnt] CVS complete tutorial

Testing the CVS connection with pserver Open another command window and type: Name repository Now fill in the description and the name of the repository as well. In November the project released version 2. When you click this a dialogue shows up where you will define your repository.

You can add as many as you like almost but please do not fall for the temptation to use one repository for each and every project! There are a lot of possibilities to hutorial the development process using CVSNT, but many of these use the virtual modules concept and this is only possible within a single repository.

Setting up a CVSNT Server

At the time of this writing, I downloaded cvsnt This is done using the “Add” button. Enter your cvs repository directory and press ok.

The original limitations addressed were related to running CVS server on Windows and handling filenames for case-insensitive platforms. Now you can browse to the location you want for your repository and add a new folder here.