The Crash Course: The Unsustainable Future of Our Economy, Energy, and Environment [Chris Martenson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Chris Martenson’s Crash Course presentation was one of the first sources of information for me about the converging predicaments our species faces in the. Chris Martenson | Crash Course | Economic Collapse | Homesteading. So what would cause a trained scientist and big pharma executive to sell everything he.

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He questions the wisdom of continuing to burn through energy for that growth and the sustainability of the economy if we continue until the point at which nature informs us of our oversight. Our economy requires growth. Martenson explains things with a combination of clear explanation e.

So much wisdom in this one book. Exponentially rising levels of debt, based onassumptions of future economic growth to fund repayment, willshudder to a halt and then reverse.


Regardless of peak oil, there was a time not that long ago when the more oil you used, the cheaper it became. Open Preview See a Problem? That is to say, though his words and ideas are compelling, he does not and cannot present an airtight case for every claim. This book thoroughly shows how unsustainable our economic system is. Rather he gives ideas and follow up resources so that I can begin to look at my life in terms of sustainability.

In other words, the problem will magically fix itself. curse

frash Aug 25, Justin rated it really liked it Shelves: There is just enough technical “stuff” to prove what the author is saying, but not so much that you are left with a spinning head. I read this years ago, but occasionally go back to it, because it’s one of the few presentations in this genre that isn’t screaming the end is near, but rather presents a case with a calm perspective and more importantly numbers to back it up.


Martenson brings ser Chris Martenson’s Crash Course presentation was one of the first sources of information for me about the converging predicaments our species faces in the coming decades.

Christopher Martenson

The author identifies major economic, energy and environmental trends that are shaping our lives, then describes realistic ways we can respond as individuals and a society.

The author says as much. It does’t have palliatives that I will never actually do like write my congressman and turn the water off while I’m brushing my teeth. Rcash aha moments, but none more frightening xourse the clear realization that our economy is in peril and we must do something about it… Martenson arrives with a CV which includes a PhD in physics, a high management post in a large company, a track record of having made successful financial and career decisions a decade ago which allowed him to prosper in the recession, and history of adopting a family comes first survivalist life style.

If nothing else, The Crash Course provides an overview of them. Like Malthus he uses the mathematics of geometric progression contrasted with linear progression to produce fearful scenarios of cjris and catastrophic economic collapse. It read crwsh like an endorsement for that author’s works. Books by Chris Martenson.

First Chris Martenson explains the fundamental laws that govern banking, finance and debt and what the vrash implications on the entire economy are. If stuff like Zero point energy turns out to be real we could be living in a very different world in the next years. During that same 55 years courde the previous mankind has plundered our Earth for all that it is worth. But for value overall, I would say the free access to the Crash Course is unbeatable. You have marttenson exactly The world is running out of oil.


Great rational overview of what ails our financial and economic system. Perez on August 29th, at The effect is that some day in the near future we as a race will suffer a dramatic decrease in our standard of living because we have failed as a whole to recognize that our natural resources are limited.

Chris Martenson’s Crash Course | The Incidental Economist

Our world is tricksy and full of surprises. His three main themes centre around energy-supply, the environment and the economy all of which he sees as moving in an unstoppable negative direction. I really think, as a layman, this is what Martenson is saying.

Because of this book I believe my whole outlook on life has changed – for the better absolutely. My highlights included the observation that surplus can be used for growth or for prosperity, but it takes exceptional surplus to give both.