(bit) to use the PDF-Reader with TeXnicCenter. After installing the reader I tried to set the path for the inverse search in the settings->options. I am trying to use Sumatra PDF with TeXnicCenter (TXC) Beta 1 (x64) a new tex file and compile it with Sumatra, this setting is changed. After successful setup Sumatra PDF recognizes changes in the PDF le peated compilation in TeXnicCenter (TC) and updates its document.

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I have followed all tutorials around the web basically only one that is two years old and I can’t get ForwardSearch DDE to work. Who is online Users browsing this forum: While the forward search was working as intended, the inverse search always fired up a new instance which lead to a project already in use clash. Any help is welcome.

It does not work here. What are the commands needed to display an output file? Unfortunately, the answers contained in the site are outdated. I can live with version 2. Report a bug Request a feature. All the commands can be either command-line options or DDE commands.

Customization allows you to modify the graphical user interface, including the menu structure, the texnicventer, the short cuts, the editor and the general look and feel.

But Ihave to admit, that I haven’t controlled all your lines in detail, so of course there can be another fault. My correct setting in Sumatre is now: Forward search is working fine though. Werner k 64 If you are using the official build of SumatraPDF this setting can be set permanently at the command-line with:.

Ah sorry, I hadn’t seen that it was already set in texniccentter “Viewer” configuration. Otherwise it will retrieve its input from the specified file.


TeXnicCenter can be configured and customized in many different ways to suit the needs of the user. It can even be extended to include other formats available in other TeX distributions or through the use of additional filters. Where other editors can only produce one format as output, TeXnicCenter allows the user to select any of these output formats.

At first the Configude will look for an installed LaTeX distribution.

Cannot configure Sumatra v with TeXnicCenter

To start up tth use. After TeXnicCenter has started it checks to see whether output profiles are already defined.

I assumed the space in the root is the cause of the problem. The Postprocessor tab page allows to define tools, which should be run after conffigure La TeX compiler, i. I have updated the above documentation accordingly. If the viewer is the Adobe Acrobat Reader, the wizard will do the configuration, otherwise the path and the command line arguments for a different PDF viewer can be entered in a dialog. Forward search gives you the ability to go from the source.

With the inverse search synchronization feature, double-clicking on the PDF file in SumatraPDF brings you directly to corresponding line in the. The problem with the line: If so, an example how to set up the viewer settings using command line instead of DDE would be very much appreciated. I do sumqtra manage to obtain an inverse search. The cknfigure Profiles is displayed: The first 0 in the parameters indicates that you want to view the result in any existing window where the given PDF document is opened; a new window will be created if the PDF is not already opened.

Do you know a way to make it remember this setting? If nothing is specified here, the tool will retrieve its input data from the standard input device normally the keyboard. Thanks, Drasha Drasha on June 5, I don’t have experience setting up Sumatra with TeXnicCenter so the only thing I can suggest is to double-check that you’re doing everything exactly as described in http: Using the command line switch -forward-search is faster and more reliable.


Now the wizard will test if dvips a tool that convert DVI documents into PostScript files is installed. My problems went away, once I downgraded to the version 2. To check what the wizard has created open the dialog Manual configuration. If this test is successful, the Wizard will look for the viewer registered for PDF files.

Drasha on June 6, I a sorry, but inverse search doesn’t work in Sumatra 3. When I double click in Sumatra, nothing happens.

Configuration — TeXnicCenter documentation

Specifies where the selected tool retrieves its input data from. Lists all tools to run after the suamtra has been executed.

Thank you very much!! To use the first one you just need to load the ‘pdfsync’ package in your latex document as follows:. Output profiles specify answers to a number of questions:. You can have a look at our starter guide to familiarize yourself further with our format.

Configuring editors with SumatraPDF

Options allow you to modify the behaviour of TeXnicCenter. Here are the parameters of my current profile. Can you add a real question?

I read several related topics on this forum but could not find an answer to my quite usual problem: For more details on the synchronization feature of SumatraPDF, check the following posts: By default the WinEdt editor is invoked.