Find more articles and videos by Bret Contreras at T Nation. Here are three different day challenges to bring up your glutes and your PRs. April 23, by Bret Contreras. In this article I’m going to . These exercises act on the quads and hamstrings, not the glutes. The quickest way to get a great. Bret Contreras has become known in the strength and conditioning industry as the Glute Guy because of his expertise in helping clients.

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The comment about the woman who had to pretend she was asleep to be left alone was funny. If you’re okay with settling for half your possible glute activation, then don’t do them. Does this mean that for flexible individuals, some hip flexor stretching should be performed with the rear knee extended? Listen to the show. Check out new episodes and the new website at TheBledsoeShow.

GREAT glutex Bret — enjoyed the read and the pictures — but seriously I am sure you are familiar with my hip problems and this info will be of great use to me.

The stronger they get, the more powerfully they contract in sprinting and the better they protect against low back, knee, hamstring, and groin injuries. Seriously, I read a lot of fitness blogs and you have a fresh perspective.

I am the Glute Guy and Here are My Secrets! | Bret’s Blog

In this articleValerie lists her top 3 butt sculpting moves as the Valslide reverse lunge, high step up, and standing donkey kick. Your website contains a lot of useful information. However, certain bodybuilding methods are advisable when training women.


I do not have a Miley Cyrus CD, promise! Here’s where most so-called diet gurus go wrong. Have any of your clients injured themselves?

Ideally her knees would stay a little more stable: The NFL players were both pound offensive lineman who’d do hip thrusts for two sets of twenty reps as well. You don’t like humping?

Glutes, glutes, and more glutes w/ Bret Contreras “The Glute Guy” — 297

And both variations are safe if you do them right. Ideally for each workout you would warm-up by completing ocntreras circuit consisting of drills from each of the following five categories. Hope that answers your question! Sure, they gputes a lot of athletes, but they also train regular folks. Most people see the best results when they hit their glutes three times per week.

Squats and deadlifts aren’t the best exercises for building bigger, stronger glutes.

The girls in the “good” category have a sexy A-shape and can perform all types of glute exercises. Several journal studies support this last statement. You’ve been lied to. Notify me of new posts via email. I think my self confidence has been suboptimal every since I realized I was flat back there 7th grade! A better strategy is to just integrate some of the exercises listed below into your routine for higher brret.

Play it safe by starting in phase one, then spend two to three weeks in each phase. This is your niece right?

Now there are two different ways to have butt surgery, one is to get implants which are placed under coontreras muscle, and the other way is to get a fat transfer. Here’s a simple way to make it even more effective. Those pics were crazy. I started off using pounds for ten reps on the hip thrust and within glutees year I could do for five. Once you master those, finally you can move onto weighted movements and more advanced variations. So I completely agree with you!


I believe that Jessica Biel has this issue; she can get too muscular if she trains for strength. I hope that she reads this blog brett she can become even better at what she does.

Bret Contreras | All Articles | T Nation

We are all very shallow. Aggressive workouts lead to fast progress and monster gains. At last, we’ve reached the maximum strength phase. Follow us Don’t be shy, get in touch.

I am not having it manufactured so you will not be able to perform Skorcher hip thrusts. A simple booty workout is actually a form of HIIT High Intensity Interval Training so the workout will burn fat off of the butt while simultaneously adding muscular shape. And it delivers, every time. Although we definitely need well rounded training, the glutes are an integral part almost any […].

Losing fat is simple. In the past three years, I’ve had around ten male clients regularly hip thrust over pounds for ten reps and around ten female clients hip thrust pounds for ten reps.