From the Publisher: With full-color maps, secrets of the game direct from Square Electronic Arts, and bonus items for hardcore gamers, this title walks players. See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Brave Fencer Musashi. Help for Brave Fencer Musashi on PlayStation. More help, hints and discussion. : Brave Fencer Musashi Official Strategy Guide (Bradygames Strategy Guides) () by BradyGames and a great selection of similar.

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Here are some strategies for the bosses of the game. If you time it just right, you can jump through them with no damage taken, but that is not easy. Okay, now run forward all the way until you get to the gate. Okay, the goal is pretty clear here. On small ledge near the second log by the poles.

Brave Fencer Musashi – Walkthrough/FAQ

After he does this, you should learn a new ability–Rock Climbing. Near the entrance to Meandering Forest. As well, you can get knocked back to the bottom if you try to climb over a moving platform while it’s shooting out of the cliff. Best to get started. Cross the moving platforms, find another fencr, go down it, get another Bincho Field, and chop down another tree.

Walkthroughs for Brave Fencer Musashi

Go through the door on the left, then go down the room, then out the top-right door. Explore the Home Gift Guide. There will be a brief scene in Hilda’s Grocery, and you’ll get an Orange. Keep on doing this go over flipping blocks, go through the dooruntil you get to the room with the blades bave are swinging.

Go to the back of the giant pipe that the elevator is on, grab the first handle, then go back and ride up the elevator. Go left in between the two huge rocks, and you should see a HUGE snail- looking rock. Inside of the Binchoitite Mine, just below the large fan.


BradyGames strategy guide will include a complete walkthrough of the game.

If you need to, talk t the bartender to get back to full health, then save your gjide at the Memory Box. He’ll build a raft for you, and tell you about the Legendary Armor which you’ll need to win the game, and which will come in very handy. The Crest Guardian bosses are some of the most original and interesting battles in action RPG history.

It took me since Christmas Day to get this far, so that’s about nine days. He’ll teach you Crosswire Cut.

Now use the wind attack to dig another hole in the ground. It may not be stolen, altered, or used for any type of profit. If you just can’t get past the damned wind tunnel, and have a GameShark handy, check out my GameShark codes guire below for the infinite double jump code.

Now, straategy there, head left once, up once, then go upwards to fall down a level. Free him, and continue onwards to the anteroom of the Relic Keeper. If you go to your inventory screen, and see what he has to say.

The path to the exit is a bit convoluted you have to ride up and down a few lifts, dodge more falling rocks, ride guids more ferris wheels these ones with spikes on some of themand make your way to the exitbut it shouldn’t take too long.

Head forward, and shatter the eye-gem.

Official Brave Fencer Musashi Strategy Guide by BradyGames Staff | eBay

Whenever you see something coming up, pause quickly! Here are the character profiles of Brave Fencer Musashi: Head to the north once you are back onto the path. Get the treasure, and head up to the top right exit. Bowl through the wall, get the whatever is in the chests, leave the tiny room, then go through the door on your right.


If not, then you should find a Minku dropping. Now head over the strateyg, and to the door to the left side. This means the legendary blanket is absolutely useless after you enter the final area which means the legendary gloves are arguably the better option. Give you hints as to where the Gondola Gizmo is located.

Now go over to the Gondola, and ride it down to the village. Smash the gate open and head through it. Sign Up for free. Unlock Princess Fillet Action Figure. Now, go back to the castle, and learn your first technique from the maid! If you like myself don’t want to take the time to figure it out the hard way, then look below for the solution.

You can get the goggles in Chapter 3, in Solmnolent Forest. Increases Fusion’s overall power gude you.

Wait until there is something above Skullpion like rocks or bombs, then tap Triangle to use your earthquake attack that causes those items to fall on top of him. Avoid the attack, and when it gets stuck in the ground, attack the Knight’s foot.

Go along the path until you get to a black pillar. Once you’ve listened to him, use the Gondola and go back to the Steam Factory. Fecer this room, there is a Blue eye on the ground.