Dirty Blood (Dirty Blood, #1), Cold Blood (Dirty Blood, #2), Blood Bond (Dirty Blood, #3), Blood Rule (Dirty Blood, #4), One Hour (Dirty Blood series bo. Forty-six. That’s how many hybrids survived the Hunter attack in the woods after I revived them with an injection of my blood. That’s how many followed me home. Blood Rule by Heather Hildenbrand, now you can read online. Listening to headphones at maximum volume with your back turned to the doorway is a fantastic.

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I like that she is always there for everyone and wants to make the right decisions, but in the end she makes a lot of bad ones.

NO not because he is a guy. Those surrounding her are going through their own struggles, which is affecting the overall dynamics of the Hybrids vs Werewolves vs Hunters.

I have to admit though the cliffhanger was a really nice touch cause now I know that as soon as Dirty Blood 5 comes out I will be buying it so I can find out what happens next. And I am petrified to read the 5th and final book because I don’t want it to be over. Thrusting her into the role of an Alpha.

Blood Rule Audiobook | Heather Hildenbrand |

Mar 19, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: That’s how many followed me home to Frederick Falls. The environment is very similar to other books; not much new there. The imagination of Heather never stops to amaze me. Seemed like the book was just really starting when it ended with a cliffhanger. Jul 08, Amy rated it it was amazing Shelves: She has the ability hiodenbrand grab you from the first page and keep you immersed in her world.


Fourteen hours of sleep.

She discovers what it’s like to be a leader and how huge the part is that her wolf plays in all of it. After the tragedy that ended the last book, Tara is left ryle up the pieces and trying to overc This story continues to keep me on my toes and wondering what could possibly happen next.

Blood Rule

Aug 08, Marsha rated it really liked it Recommends it for: When I first met Tara back in book one, she was an ordinary girl, until the night she was attacked by a werewolf in a dark alley. This story continues to keep me on my toes and wondering what could possibly happen next. You need a complete blank and have no pre-sense of what is going to happen while reading this. And The Not So Much: Still there are some major shocking developments.

This one especially ends on a dire note with the fate of some of the main players hanging in the balance. The guy is totally in love with Tara. Miles told her that her blood was the key to saving him. I’m afraid what’ll happen if Hildenbrans give them answers. She is also trying to figure her own life out at the same time!! It just didn’t do it for me like the other books did.

Aug 08, Lburt rated it liked it Shelves: To ease the guilt, to understand his betrayal, to remember the exact shade of brown in his eyes.

Blood Rule: Dirty Blood, Book 4 (Unabridged)

After biting Alex he is now in a coma fighting for his life. As proof, my cheeks flamed with the growing awareness in my mind. The romantic element is a tad lukewarm on this volume, not that I minded, but HHildenbrand focused more on the overall series conflict and the politics between the protagonists and antagonists. Broken Blood book five is available now.


I seriously have this secret crush on Alex. The only solution so far is simply listening to music. Some key plyaers are out of commission for one reason or another and Tara’s really on her own here.

Read Blood Rule(Dirty Blood, Book 4) online free by Heather Hildenbrand

In an interesting twist, Hildenbeand and Tara’s complex relationship becomes even more complicated, but I won’t spoil the fun and give it away. I have to say that I am so glad George is finally finding himself and getting over Tara.

The hybrids are the main focus; Tara is worried that they may lose control and feels her connection is what is keeping them human. Our heroine was more wishy-washy than she’d been in earlier books, and the goals less straightforward. After all, one can only fall so far before they must be lifted up.

Her relationship with Wes is at its strongest and things are slowly falling into place, with or without this war with the Hunters and then the hybrids. But as the pack gets restless and the news is looking grim, she must find a way to protect her friends and family from the one man who seeks to destroy her no matter what stands in his way.

Don’t get me wrong, she is still the sassy and feisty girl we saw at the beginning, it’s just that she is realising who she is and her abilities.