When a tide of ferocious draug, the vampire’s deadliest enemy, floods Morganville, its eclectic mix of residents must fight to save their town from devastation. Read “Black Dawn The Morganville Vampires” by Rachel Caine with Rakuten Kobo. With its eclectic mix of vampire and human citizens, Morganville, Texas, has. The 12th episode in the Morganville Vampires series finds the town besieged by the terrifying draug, water beings that feed on vampires.

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A town that no one can escape from.

The book got better with every page and I continued straight onto the next one. They are all roommates, best of friends, and now are two couples.

They are like Vampire’s are to Human’s. A new monster has been introduced to the series. I think the series as a whole is too fast paced. What Morganville Vampires book isn’t amazing? You come with us. Morganville in turmoil and everybody fighting hard vaampires save their lives and their town.

Black Dawn

Refresh and try again. It’s like she isn’t bothered about bringing tje series to a definate end, so she can just keep coming back to it and making more and more money, which, to be fair, she doesn’t deserve becasue these books aren’t really that good. Feb 14, Edrillan vampire junkie rated it it was amazing.


Claire and Myrnin have to find a scientific solution to save the day. I hope it doesn’t regress back to the first book, because I’d hate to read 12 books only to find out the trust and freedoms Claire and her friends have earned are all taken away. I’m worried about what will go down in the next book, certainly it won’t be good especially with view spoiler [ Naomi morganvilld out there, ugh the bitch.

Um yes he did and it was extremely HOT! Black Dawn came from multiple POV’s – i loved most of these except i wasnt big on a few, i was a bit iffy on the males, especially Oliver’s but then no one really knows whats going on in his head. Sadly we don’t get Myrnin’s POV in this one, maybe next time, I would love to wee whats going on in his head. Nov 15, Nicole rated it liked it.

View all 39 comments. If you haven’t had the pleasure to read The Morganville Vampires then I suggest you do because Rachel Caine is a genius at world building and even though this book is not left on a cliffhanger, she still manages to set us readers up for another action packed, adventure with an even darker path than its predecessor. I now have mixed feelings with regards to Amelie.

The entire novel is just amazing mind you, but I feel the need to give some proper shout outs. Granted, Oliver has always been blunt.


The 12th book in the series?? Team Shane or Team Myrnin? Oliver can go away though, he had slight moments here and there, but yeah, he can go away now please.

I really do like to see more bt Shane’s perspective on it though – sometimes he is hard to read. The gang again have to move from A to B, whilst moving they have another fight with bad guys, and rinse and repeat.

I am really hoping for Myrnin’s sake alone that this isn’t dragged out too much longer.

Black Dawn (Morganville Vampires) by Rachel Caine : Book Review

Do you like it written from different POVs dwan Read reviews of other books by this author Rachel Caine’s website has information about all her novels and a link to her blog.

Showed some insight into his way of thinking. They’ve been used as bait, have been murdered and lost tons of blood and tears for that damn town and yet, at the end of the book, they get threatened. That has never changed from one book to the next.