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Finally, the recent upgrade to species level of Gopherus morafkai Murphy et al. In other words, conservation of species has become a government problem rather than merely a biological issue. Scandals, audits, and fictions: The distribution records are official data quality control checked by Conabio’s professional staff and came from museum records, research projects, and selected collections with Mexican specimens around the world.

We used ArcGIS JMP statistical discovery software, ver 5. This situation merits the following questions: The answers to these questions should provide a clearer sense of whether including species on imperiled species lists i. Its challenges and contexts. Mexican desert tortoises, including Gopherus agassizii now restricted to the United States, but with an isolated population in Baja California Sur Murphy et al.

Estimating biodiversity and mapping nature. Limits to the use of threatened species lists. Journal of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science.

Richard B. Primack

Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. University of Dde Press; We explored the overlap of conservation status between Mexican and international agencies by comparing listing status. Distribution and status of Creaser’s mud turtle, Kinosternon creaseri.


The Central American river turtle D. The world’s most endangered tortoises and freshwater turtles. Among all of these lists, potential good conservation coverage should be predicted for Mexican turtles; however, there are some inquiries that should be made in order to know more about Mexican biopogia turtles’ conservation status.

This species has much the same conservation problems as the Mexican tortoises; however, it has been omitted in Conabio’s list of priority species.

Richard B. Primack | LibraryThing

Certainly both succeed and fail, but the confusion generated by the lack of concordance makes conservation efforts difficult. Chelonian Research Monographs 5.

A comparative analysis of status assessments of polar bear, Ursus marinus. More research and data are needed on Kinosternon oaxacaeK.

Introducción a la biología de la conservación

The answer to that question certainly needs careful thought. Many of these agencies work under the Semarnat agenda the higher-level agency and part of the executive government ; however, internal agendas, lack of communication between agencies, and the frequent political and electoral bioolgia of governmental programs within the Federal Government in Mexico limits conservation efforts and the allocation of financial resources for conservation Mathews, ; Possingham et al.

Mollecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. Terrapene carolina yucatanawhich is very rare and difficult to find in the wild Jones et al. To gather and analyze geographic information in order to determine the geographic distribution of each taxon, we used the official records available from the government for all the turtles collected within Mexico.

One consequence of these issues is threatened pprimack and their associated conservation problems are attached to the jurisdictional and legal administration within countries, states, municipalities, counties, districts, etc. The Red List recognizes subspecific taxonomic levels, but for Mexican turtles they are included only for few taxa.


Introducción a la biología de la conservación – Richard B. Primack, Joandomènec Ros – Google Books

Even when the correspondence analyses were conducted besides the non-significant result of the contingency tablewe only found a partial congruency between those species listed in Under Special Protection Pr category by the NOM and the Least Concern LC category of biologka Red List. Since the Primaxk List is not a regulatory apparatus, local lists such NOM should be strengthened empowered to become a comprehensive, systematic assessment that could interact with its counterparts, such as the Endangered Species Act in the case of the shared fauna between Mexico and the U.

Another problem, such as the lack of professionalization of government agencies like those of emerging economies such as Mexico, could break the flow of information about new species and taxonomic changes primsck the involved taxa.

Contando a las subespecies es posible distinguir un total de 61 taxa.

We are aware that this approach could obscure disjunct distributions Terborgh and Winter, and overestimate real distribution areas i. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. The Central American river turtle Dermatemys mawiithe desert tortoises Gopherus spp. Due to the size, high biodiversity, and sociocultural complexity of Mexico, it is reasonable that Conabio, Semarnat, Profepa, INECC, and other government agencies do not have a comprehensive and trained staff to deal with all the conservation problems; however, this is not acceptable in the supposed 11th economy of the world.