Medizinische Bildgebung. [Volume 7: Medical Imaging]. Ed. by Dössel, Olaf / Buzug, Thorsten M. Die bildgebenden Verfahren in der Medizin. Dössel, Olaf. Olaf Dössel. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Olaf Dössel. Sprecher der kollegialen Bildgebende Verfahren in der Medizin II · Vorlesung. Lichttechnik-Hörsaal (LTI) External. – Buy Bildgebende Verfahren in der Medizin: Von der Technik zur medizinischen Anwendung book online at best prices in Olaf Dössel (Author).

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Biventricular pacing BVP could be improved by identifying the patient-specific optimal xssel positions. Ventricular wall deformation is widely assumed to have an impact on the morphology of the T-wave that can be measured on the body surface. Automatic algorithms have been developed to simplify CFAE detection, but they are often based on a single descriptor or a set of descriptors in combination with sharp decision classifiers. The BOLD sensitivity in the breath hold experiment is effectively increased in compensated regions.

In order to solve this issue, we implemented a computational setup with different ablation dsesl.

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Olaf Dössel

Navigation aids like 3D road maps and external tracking systems may be used to facilitate catheter navigation. Improvements by adding a single, subject specifically optimized electrode were similar to those of the BSPM: We found that the best performing method was the wavelet-based baseline cancellation. The P2P amplitude of 0.

In future work, the established model may enable the development of further EGM criteria for transmural lesions even for complex geometries in order to support essel therapy. Every measurement can be used either for model personalization or for validation. In order to avoid problems because of an altered behaviour of the nanoparticles in cell culture medium and to mimic a more realistic situation relevant for inhalation, human A lung epithelial cells were exposed to aerosols at the air-liquid interphase ALI by using the ALI deposition apparatus ALIDA.

Medizinn technique may fail in the presence of anatomy-related susceptibility-induced field gradients in the human head. In the long run, such personalized simulations could therefore assist treatment planning and increase success rates for atrial arrhythmias. Catheter ablation is a curative therapeutic approach for atrial fibrillation AF.

Medizinische Bildgebung

In the present study, we quantify the errors of the nonlinear AT imaging based on the EDL approximation. Optical mapping is widely used as a tool to investigate cardiac electrophysiology in ex vivo preparations. But in case of patients with severe atrial arrhythmias they essel be quite complex: However, the single pulse repetition time TR pair used in the standard AFI sequence is replaced by multiple pulse repetition time sets.


We conclude that the method proposed here can be used to dsr the diagnostic value of respiration independent HRV parameters. A computational model of the BC was implemented including an algorithm to adapt its shape to the atrial anatomy.

Band 7 Medizinische Bildgebung

A strong influence was detected in the study with 14 patients experiencing frequent VEB. This hybrid approach yielded very accurate estimates with minimal dependency on the initial guess using synthetic input data for which a ground truth parameter set exists. It proved useful in discussions with clinicians due to its interactive and user-friendly design.

The influence of VEB on the morphology of subsequent T waves was also analyzed.

First, we considered fixed percental conductivity changes to probe the sensitivity of the ECG regarding conductivity alterations. The development of novel algorithms for the automated analysis of EGMs has proven difficult, due to the highly interdisciplinary nature of this task and hampered data access in clinical systems. Aims Amiodarone and cisapride are both known to prolong the QT interval, yet the two drugs have different effects on arrhythmia.

We designed a method to automatically analyze CFAE based on a set of descriptors representing various aspects, such as shape, amplitude and temporal characteristics. A mathematical description of I Kur blockade was introduced into Courtemanche-Ramirez-Nattel models of normal and remodeled atrial electrophysiology. Combined analysis of these spatial scales allowed to correctly identify and localize the driving mechanism: On the other hand, with increasing field strength, adverse health effects must be expected: The study proposes the use of BSPM as input for an automated non-invasive strategy based on a personalized computer model of the heart, to identify the patient pathology and specific optimal treatment with BVP devices.

But although huge amounts of intracardiac electrograms EGMs can be acquired during electrophysiological examinations, there is still a lack of software aiding diagnosis. This work shows that conductivity distributions can be reconstructed from phase images and permittivity distributions can be reconstructed from magnitude images of the radiofrequency transmit field.


Various existing catheter designs provide high spatial resolution to identify the best spot for performing ablation and to assess lesion formation. It derives the patient’s electric conductivity and permittivity from the spatial sensitivity distributions of the applied radiofrequency coils.

A novel approach to decrease motion blur and to improve the signal to noise ratio is motion compensated reconstruction which takes motion vector fields into account in order to correct motion. Modeling the anatomy has emerged from simple peanut-like structures to very detailed models including veefahren wall and fiber di- rection. For blood, skeletal muscle, lungs, and fat, the influence of conductivity variations was analyzed using the principal component analysis PCA.

AF simulations showed a spontaneous termination of the arrhythmia in the absence of fibrosis and a stable rotor center in the presence of fibrosis. Combination of the heterogeneous EP model with a model of persistent AF-remodeled electrophysiology led to a drastic change in cell electrophysiology.

Body surface potential map BSPM is used to obtain the electrophysiology and pathology of an individual patient non-invasively. The conductivity rankings were based on one of two methods: For the ectopic beats, all but one foci were correctly classified to have either endo- or epicardial origin with an average localization error of Finally, we probed two configurations in which the APD was negatively correlated with the activation time.

Inverse problem of electro-and magnetocardiography: In this work, we present an electromechanical model of the heart, which takes into account the interaction between ventricles, pericardium and atria and allows to reproduce the AVPD.

However, the electrophysiological mechanisms underlying the initiation and persistence of AF are not completely understood yet. This is achieved by calculating an error measure which describes the inconsistency of the vessel centerline geometry in three dimensions for all cardiac phases.

Therefore, integration of drug effects into models of cardiac electrophysiology still needs to be improved. We present a method that biodgebende the mefizin CV for deformed catheter shapes, which result due to the catheter movement and changing wall contact.