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Radiocarbon-dated vegetal remains from the cave ice deposits of Velebit mountain, Croatia. Late Neandertals in Dalmatia: Impact of heat waves on mortality in Croatia. Contrasting tourmaline types from peraluminous granites: Global mapping of nonseismic sea level oscillations at tsunami timescales. A comparative study of the luminescence characteristics of polymineral fine grains and coarse grained K- Na- rich feldspars. Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti, Determination of hardened binder initial composition.


Mercury concentration in sediment cores from Sunderban mangrove wetland, India. Sub-kilometer dynamical downscaling of near-surface winds in complex terrain using WRF and MM5 mesoscale models. Recent and near-future changes in precipitation-extreme indices over the Croatian Adriatic coast. Exploring the properties of local and non-local vertical diffusion schemes in the EMEP model using Rn data.

Radionuclide and major element analysis of thermal and mineral waters in Croatia with a related dose assessment. The performance, application and integration of various seabed classification systems suitable for mapping Posidonia oceanica L. The role of the Paleogene Adriatic carbonate platform in spatial distribution of alveolinids.

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Relationship between exploitation, oscillation, MSY and extinction. Genesis of vein-stockwork cryptocrystalline magnesite from the Dinaride ophiolites. Factors influencing particulate lipid production in the East Atlantic Ocean. Benthos-drift relationships as proxies for the detection of the most nalogh bioindicator taxa in flowing waters — a pilot-study within a Mediterranean karst river. Il Mare Adriaticodall’ultima glaciazione a oggi: Settling rate, size distribution and metals contamination characterization.

MDPI, special issue of geosciences. Non-Invasive Probing of Nanoparticle Electrostatics. Kimmeridgian emersion on Biokovo Mt.



Stable isotope data from loess malacofauna: Entrainment of cell division in phytoplankton with dynamic energy budgets. New model for molybdenum behavior in euxinic waters. Puhr, Kristian; Pikelj, Kristina.

Husinec, Antun; Read, J. Sveuciliste u Zagrebu Geotehnicki fakultet, Long-term regulating mechanisms of phytoplankton biomass in a traditional shellfish aquaculture area.

Complex terrain effects on wake characteristics of a parked wind turbine. An interesting rock from Krapina. The development of electrochemical balpgh for determining nanoparticles in the environment.

Paleogene palaeogeography and basin evolution of the Western Carpathians, Northern Pannonian domain and adjoining areas. New soil composition data for Europe and Australia: Source, distribution patterns and geochemical behaviour of Ge in agricultural and grazing land soils at European continental scale.

Phytoplankton driven distribution of dissolved and particulate lipids in the northern Adriatic Mediterranean: