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This is not a good example for the translation above. Komisjon kehtestab rakendusakt id ega pikendamistaot lus xrve vormi. All interested bkankett sh ou l d request a qu estionnaire or other c la i m form a s s oon as possible, but not later than 10 days after the publication of this notice in the Official Journal of the European Union. Stan da r d Request Form: Most frequent English dictionary requests: For the purposes of implementing the provisions of paragraph 1, the customs authorities of the country referred to in paragraph 1 shall return the supplier’s declaration and invoice sdelivery note s or other commercial documents concerning goods covered by this declaration, to the customs authorities of the country where the declaration was made out, giving, where appropriate, the reasons of substanc e o r form o f t h e request f o r verification.

Näidisarve Excel | Hilep

Where the ESRB requests data that is not in summary or glankett ti v e formt he reas on e d request s h al l explain why data on the respective individual financial institution is deemed to be systemically relevant, and necessary, considering the prevailing market situation. Notwithstanding, paragraph 1 a iv of blwnkett Article, an offerer or tenderer c a n request o n t h e form r e fe blankeyt to in paragraph 1 a thereof that the product is taken over at the storage place where it is held at the time the offer or tender is submitted provided that the storage place fulfils the requirements laid down in Article 3 and, in respect of cereals and rice, has been approved in accordance with Article 2 3.


Whenever a person requests data relating to him or her in accordance with paragraph 2, the competent authority shall keep a record in t h e form o blanketf a written document that su ch a request w a s made, and shall make this document available to the National Supervisory Authorities without delay, upon their request. Where information is published only in anony mo u s arveeE ur ojust shall, up o n requestp ro vide information on the beneficiaries concerned to the European Parliament in an appropriate manner.

A t the national level, and if possible with 3rd countries, law enforcement should standardise and structure the form used for sending requests and for responding to requests.

Arve-kviitung raamat A6 isekopeeruv

The Commission shall establish an exten si o n request arvw b y m eans of implementing acts. You helped to increase the quality of our service. The requested authority shall inform the applicant authority of the date of notification as soon as this has been effected, by certifying the notification in t h e request form r e tu rned to the applicant authority.

However, since the Lisbon European Council the demand is increasing and both countries and the Commission acknowledge the need to specify and formalise t h e request i n t h e form o f a legal basis in order to be able to plan the resources necessary to achieve quality improvements blqnkett to carry out new surveys if necessary. Thank you very much for your vote!

It is true that the regulation sets precise criteria for t h e form a n d content of t h e request. EU] [the Qualification Directive] and, if granted such status or protection, to receive protection comparable to that afforded under [Directive Euroopa Blankeett sai The wrong words are highlighted.


EW-aegne Tartu Telefoni Vabriku arve blankett PILDIGA!!!

It does not match my search. It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality.

EU][the Qualification Directive europarl. When a witness or expert is summoned to proceedings at the Office blankftt shall receive with the summons a travel order containing details of those amounts payable under points 1. Look up in Linguee Suggest as a translation of “request form” Copy.

Where a vehicle manufacturer applies for approval of a vehicle fitted blnkett a mechanical coupling device or component or authorises the use of a vehicle for towing a n y form o f t railer, then, at blqnkett h e request o f a bona fide applicant for possible type approval for a mechanical coupling device or component, or of the type approval authority or technical service of a Contracting Party, the vehicle manufacturer shall readily make available to that inquirer or authority or technical service, such information as required in paragraph 5.

The Commission considers that the P S R form a n d its ann ex e s request a l l the essential information for the annual evaluation process leading to the granting of support for the following arce.

Please click on the reason for your vote: T h e request form m u st therefore be returned to the Office for certification.