ART Multiverb II, Music Technology, Nov reverb algorithms the higher the number the more complex the effect although the manual is honest enough to . multiverb iii – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: ART – MultiVerb Alpha 20 – Manual – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. ART – MultiVerb Alpha 20 – Manual.

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If you use an XLR connection to a mixing board and phantom power is on at the board, the meter will read this voltage and the meter will be pegged at max.

The Phantom II draws approximately 32 milliamperes. To the user, the charmel num- ber is displayed as 1 to How can I obtain warranty service for my ART gear? This stage also has the input filtering cir- cuitry to remove unwanted very multlverb frequency material.

Multiverb Alpha – Digital Reverb – ART Pro Audio

Now that you have stored this title you must exit Title Edit mode. Other articles featuring gear in this article: ART will, without charge, repair or replace, at its option, defective product or component parts upon prepaid delivery to an authorized service center or the factory service department, accompanied by proof of purchase date in the form of a valid sales receipt.

If the jack is programmed for the Bypass feature, each time the footswitch is activated hot connected to ground the BYPASS function is accessed. After that is done, the information is again stored in memory. Thus the user can make quick changes to the rever- berant sound using concepts such as “Hall 1” without being concerned about the details.



This will allow maximum efficient use of a sophisticated digital signal processor. Music Technology – Nov A little experimentation soon breeds familiarity.

Stereo Digital Delay Short and Long: As you move the slider to the right the output signal level of the unit increases. Bvpassing the unit via MIDI may be done by recalling a totally blank preset.

Studio Manuals – ART

If you en- counter problems relating to delay time, use the Quick Manuual and if detuning becomes a problem, use the Smooth Type. No, sorry, we do not have any information on older MXR gear. You can step through the presets using the Up and Down buttons or you can punch in the preset number using the keypad.

Right now let’s just worry about operation and not the effects. In some cases other information will be displayed here. Smooth relates directly to processing and splicing the signal more slowly, result- ing in a cleaner more precise sound. As you move towards the rear of the room you will hear more reverberant sound and less of the initial sound.

The character of the reverberant sound depends on the size and shape of the space, the composition of the boundaries and the presence of ob- jects in the space which reflect or absorb sound energy. I’d have no hesitation in using it for recording. Use this control to adjust for depth, apparent mix level, volume adjustment for each preset as well as normal out- put level. The default settings for each parameter are shown in brackets [ ].


It could be my perverted way of looking at things but it seems to me that Shortened and Lengthened are the wrong way around. Always remember to check the Mode Status Indicator to assure yourself which mode you are in.

Don’t worry we have preselected a nominal value for each of the parameters associated with an effect as a starting point. Just use the DeeJayPre between your turntable and the stereo analog input on your sound card. The unit can be used in a variety of situations – in-line between a keyboard or guitar and an amp or hooked into the send and return sockets of a mixer. Due to a lack of replacement parts and product age, service is no longer possible on the following discontinued models:.

Two of the factory presets use flanging to produce Leslie speaker effects. To perform a Factory.

A little noise is perhaps inevitable when dealing with chorusing, flanging and “heavy” reverbs and although the unit does produce some noise as evidenced by pressing the Bypass button I was able to reduce it to quite acceptable levels by judicious use of the sliders and the mixer’s controls.