gr/m cm4 cm4 mm mm mm. V Alumil M Alutherm plus. M Alutherm plus. Περίληψη Προφίλ. M Click on the photo for zoom. It is certified to meet all the modern The upright M sliding system is a specialized proposal. Alumil. VIEW IT. ALUMIL S.A. is the biggest aluminium extrazione group in Greece and among the M Aluminum frames. M is a reliable opening system for a wide.

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Covers all typologies of sliding systems. Suitable for covering large spans Suitable for covering large openings. The S is the latest proposal for thermally insulated sliding systems. Type of thermal insulation: M is the lightest sliding system for the lowest cost investment.

This system offers satisfying thermal insulation and enhanced security level. Alumil created the innovative sliding system S according to the modern architectural trends and the requirements for higher energy-efficient systems and excellent performances.

ALUMIL M * Aluminium Joinery Sistems * Plus Confort

With 30 years of experience, Alumil is one of the most advanced companies globally in the design allumil production of aluminium extrusion products with state — of — the art production lines in all its factories. J-Bond is a complete series of aluminium composite panels, with an intermediate polyethylene layer and of 4 mm total thickness.

Thanks to the vast range apumil profiles, the system can create all kind of Basic depth of system Optional higher security level by using multi locking hardware. Alumip glass version without aluminium covers, with the same mullions and transoms.


They offer a wide range of modern designs and a cost-efficient solution. Their unique characteristics include: This most light weight system of aluminum profiles without thermal break is suitable for the production of internal doors, internal partitions as well as balconies that are not heated.


Ideal proposal for low-cost solutions without compromising quality. Can implement corner constructions of 90o without reducing the visual field with additional corner mullion. M3 is a thermal insulated system for semi-structural curtain walls with hanging frames stick type for faster installation.

S is a new approach in sliding systems in full accordance with the modern architectural trends for soft and straight lines and considerably less visible aluminium frame. Their unique characteristics include:. Extra thermal insulation at the interlocking point by using PVC profile. Only 25 mm visible aluminium face width at the interlocking profile. Basic depth of system 45 mm. Smooth and easy sliding thanks to inox rails. Supports all types of tilt-turn systems.

This system is used for making accordion doors without thermal break.

PVC-Алуминиева-Дървена дограма > Nikol-4 ЕООД

Placed in houses, buildings and condominiums. This system of aluminium profiles with thermal break, is suitable for making doors, windows, shop windows, balconies and other joinery where thermal insulation, impermeability and safety are of great importance.


Supports all known sliding typologies and offers an alternative to those who pay attention to the investment cost.

High level of thermal insulation: Sash width is 70mm, frame width is 62mm, glazing is up to 46mm or kg per sash. This system offers satisfying thermal insulation and enhanced security For all typologies of sliding doors. Extra concealed profiles available for water drainage.

Basic depth of system 45 mm Great diversity of designs regarding M is an insulating system for folding doors with 50mm sash thickness. Concealed threshold profile, flash to the floor. Variety of designs curved, flat, inclined, classic.

Flexible glass folding system, mounted on the ceiling without any guides on the floor. Interlocking face width of only 47mm for double sash sliding doors, for maximum visibility, and door height up to 3,00 m.

High level of themal insulation: No spam, just important information about our products and services.

Excellent resistance in acid and alkaline environments, erosion, wear, fading, fire and water. Suitable for any typology of sliding constructions. Any kind of entrance doors.